Prometheus Movie Meaning & Plot Summary

A strange man drinks an unknown black liquid and disintegrates into atoms mixed with water and a human DNA chain. Scientists find a map of the sky with the image of the Creators in the cave and want to find them.

On the spaceship Prometheus (2012), the android David studies and peeps into the dreams of people hired by Meredith Vickers. The Prometheus arrives at its destination and David brings the people out of a sleep that lasted 2 years. Meredith shows a recording of Wayland’s address explaining the purpose of the expedition. He claims he wants to find the Creators. Elizabeth Shaw and Holloway tell colleagues the details of the purpose of the trip.

Scientists land on a planet with little oxygen. In the cave, researchers find breathable air and water. Strange visions await people in a mysterious place, and a terrible find is the head of the Creator. They find vessels with a black liquid of organic origin. The head was delivered to the Prometheus, and the cunning android also grabbed a vessel with a strange substance. Two members of the expedition remain in the cave. Dr. Shaw examines the find and finds out that it is a helmet, under which the Creator’s head is hidden. During the experiment, she opens her eyes, but explodes, which means that the Creators are mortal.

While scientists are examining the DNA of the head, the insidious android studies the black liquid and mixes it into Holloway’s drink. Elizabeth Shaw shares with Holloway her discovery that humans are descended from the Creators. A romance begins between them. Those left in the cave find the vessels and watch the birth of a strange creature that attacks them. Other members of the expedition are worried that their colleagues are not getting in touch and go looking for them. David discovers a huge number of already known vessels. And scientists find dead comrades. Holloway is ill, and the group rushes back to the ship. The android sees visions that reveal the secrets of the Creators.

Meredith Vickers does not let the sick Holloway on the Prometheus. He goes to the ship and finds death by her hand. Wayland is alive and tells Elizabeth of his desire to save himself from death with the help of the Maker. The survivors want to fly home. The cave turns out to be a ship that is supposed to carry vessels with black liquid to Earth. One of the Creators is alive. In anger, he rips off David’s head. Wayland dies, and the captain decides to fly away.

The creator intends to complete the mission and wants to lead his ship to Earth. Meredith leaves the Prometheus, and the captain destroys the Creator’s ship at the cost of his own life. Meredith Vickers dies, crushed by the rubble. Elizabeth survived and managed to get inside the Prometheus. The Creator sneaks onto the ship, where it is destroyed by the monster he created. And the android asks Elizabeth to help him in exchange for the opportunity to return to Earth. But she wants to get to the planet of the Creators to find out why they wanted to destroy people, and then changed plans.

Everyone on the Prometheus died, leaving Elizabeth Shaw and the android David. They fly off to search on the ship of the Creators, and a terrible monster is born from the body of one of them.

The hidden meaning of the movie Prometheus"Prometheus" 2012 meaning

The point of Prometheus is that people will do anything to find their answers. Childishly touching Elizabeth Shaw is looking for Paradise, which she could not find on Earth. She longs for happiness, peace and expects the Creators to give her all this, and at the same time tell her about life. Elizabeth wants to understand how the world works, but her fragility and vulnerability disappear after suffering and trials. Wayland is a fanatic of his idea, he needs recognition, for this he is ready for a lot. Wayland yearns for freedom and eternal life, and he believes the Creators will grant him that freedom. Holloway confidently rejects all religions. The faith of people in gods causes concern in him. Holloway’s goal is simple – to destroy the Creators, perhaps not physically, but morally. He needs freedom. A cunning android named David, who follows Wayland’s instructions, has long wanted to see the immortals, believing that he is their equal. Meredith, Wayland’s unloved daughter, is jealous of David’s father and wants to prove that she can do a lot.

The explanation of the film is that all the members of the expedition stopped seeing the meaning of life and decided to turn to the Higher Forces for explanations and help. People with an empty soul tend to fill it with something and get an answer to the main question. They are ready to come to the true faith, or reject it. The desperate team sought consolation from the Higher Powers, went to them, but saw that the Creators are not only good. These people paid for their curiosity with their lives. But like Prometheus, they saved other people from death, because the goal of the Creators was to destroy the planet they created for the sake of the experiment.

The meaning of the Prometheus ending

At the end of the film, two people and an android remain on the ship, and this hints at a possible scenario for a new stage in the history of mankind – possible children of a human and a robot will create new creatures, with the feelings of ordinary people and the capabilities of robots.

There are other versions – the feminine won over the masculine, good won over evil, a man with a soul won a victory over a soulless machine.

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