Pig Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film Pig was released in 2021 and interested the audience with its unusualness. It is very deep in its semantic content and emotional basis. The plot is simple, but interesting and addictive: the forester Rob earns his living by collecting truffles and selling them to a local businessman. His beloved pig helps him in search of an expensive treat. But one day this pig is stolen from him, and the forester has to go in search of an animal, while facing his past.

The film is saturated with black and gray colors, which is why it is a little gloomy and bleak. Many viewers spoke about their feelings about the kidnapping of the pig and its fate, than about the feelings of the protagonist of the film. The film is billed as a drama with a touch of a thriller, so such moments are necessary for it to create a general mood and set the viewer to the desired perception of this film. The plot is very unexpected and keeps you in suspense until the very end.

At the same time, the main point is that friendship is worthy of special importance and necessity in human life. A friend is able to understand and forgive, sometimes prompt and advise. Most importantly, a friend doesn’t always have to be human. Sometimes it’s a cat, a dog, or, as happened in the movie, a pig.

Usually a person takes an animal for a friend if he is completely disappointed in his friends, who betrayed him and made him experience negative emotions. An animal is not capable of harming a person or offending hard, but it is able to understand and accept, to show that nothing in this life is unworthy of worries and tears. A person can survive anything if next to him is someone who can support and bury his nose in his palm, lick his cheek or purr in his ear.

Between a person and an animal with which he has struck up a friendship, there is a special bond that will never be interrupted, even if one of them suffers death or illness. For example, if a girl grew up with a kitten from childhood, loved him, sang lullabies and fed him sausage, she will never forget him. Even as an adult, she will always remember that beautiful kitten who helped her learn what love and devotion are, what it means to love and understand.

Unfortunately, animals live less than people, and by their death inflict a deep wound on the soul of a person who loved with all his heart. They say when a beloved cat or dog dies, a part of our soul dies with it. It is very hard to go through and let go, only the memory and bitterness of separation, loss and absence of such a sincere friend remain.

Rob in the movie is desperate to find his pig. He does not do this because he could feed himself with her help. It is important for him to find his friend, with whom he spent a lot of time.

If you look at the meaning of this film in general, then it is about the fact that there are not so many truly important things in a person’s life that deserve to be worried about them. Everything else is a husk that can be dispensed with, because often it does not deserve our worries and shed tears. Someone is worried that he does not have a personal car, but it is more important to worry about his health and the presence in life of people who will not betray and help.

Over time, humanity began to betray the importance of those things, the value of which is truly minimal, and belittle what is priceless. This is a substitution of concepts, the cruelty of which must be fought. Or we will truly begin to value money and wealth, and not those who helped us get there.

The main character, played by Nicolas Cage, perfectly played the forester and his worries about stealing a pig. The hero is trying with all his might to find his faithful comrade, and the strength of friendship gives him the strength to do so. In the process of searching, he will have to comprehend everything that he lived before and change his thinking.

After watching this film, we can conclude that all the events that happen in our lives can change us beyond recognition, showing in fact who is who. What should be given a lot of attention, and what should not be worried about – life will also show.

Many viewers speak of the film as not at all an interesting film and devalue the game of Nicolas Cage, but in fact his character reveals the whole meaning of the film. It is important for each of us to appreciate everything that we have and not pay attention to the little things. There are and will be problems for everyone and you should not betray them. What matters is what brings us positive emotions, people we can rely on and not expect betrayal from them.

The film definitely deserves the attention of the audience, because it reveals very important problems and suggests how to deal with them in order to remain human.

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