Perfect Strangers Ending Explained & Film Analysis

How ready are you for the truth?

Perfect Strangers is a 2016 Italian drama comedy that has received many awards and high ratings from viewers. Using a minimum of scenery and special effects, director Paolo Genovese managed to put maximum emotions into the picture and subtly convey the deep meaning of Perfect Strangers.

In this tape, funny jokes, bright characters, frank dialogues and intensity of passions surprisingly merged together. The viewer is in suspense from the first to the last minute, and at the end of the viewing he finds not a single reason for reflection.

The plot and meaning of the film Perfect Strangers

According to the plot, a noisy company gathers for dinner to admire the lunar eclipse and have fun. Spouses play tricks on each other, friends indulge in memories, gossip together about common acquaintances. But here we are talking about mobile phones. Think about it, these devices have long ceased to be just a means of communication, they store our whole life, our thoughts and secrets, unrealized ideas and innermost dreams.

One of the heroines offers to play a game – all incoming messages are read aloud by those present, and calls are transferred to the speakerphone. These people have been communicating for many years, it would seem that they know everything about each other, but no one is in a hurry to reveal their secrets.

Each of us, like the moon, has two sides – brightly lit and hidden from prying eyes. This thought is the main explanation of the film. On the night of the eclipse, the heroes can stay in the shadows or come out of it and play a risky game.

Little secrets or big secrets, preparing a pleasant surprise or admitting adultery – what are friends ready to learn from this?

The game started.

It is noteworthy that the idea to open all the cards belongs to a female psychoanalyst who every day faces the broken fates of her clients. She knows firsthand that the truth does not always benefit both sides. It seems that the heroine is tired of keeping “skeletons in the closet” and wants to know about her secrets.

Each call or message reveals the characters from a new side. Cheating and secret passions, virtual relationships and a change of sexual orientation… It turns out that these people know absolutely nothing about each other.

Whose guilt is stronger? Who lied more? It does not matter anymore.

But the meaning of the film Perfect Strangers is not only to show – everyone has their secrets. It is also important to evaluate how people react to the truth. Friends turn away from each other, spouses do not want to listen to the voice of reason, loved ones instantly become strangers. Perfect strangers.

On the example of the heroes of this picture, we see that all relationships are built on lies to a greater or lesser extent.

Two out of three married couples are on the verge of divorce. Their feelings have faded, the burden of responsibility is pressing on their shoulders, and all this is generously seasoned with mutual grievances and unresolved conflicts. In such conditions, it is difficult for spouses to be honest with each other.

Here we have newlyweds who do not let each other out of their embrace. It would seem that their world is perfect, but here there is a place for lies. One does not let go of the past, the other does not have enough emotions in the present.

Not only family life is built on deceit, but also friendship. One of the heroes hid his orientation for a long time, afraid to see disgust in the eyes of his friends. The man gladly accepted the rules of the game, tired of the masks. But are friends ready to see him in a new role?

There is nothing to hide in this film alone. A man sincerely loves his wife and tries to save their marriage. Surprisingly, he was the only person who did not want to play. He chooses ignorance, thereby trying to preserve the fragile peace in his family.

The plot certainly makes you wonder how well do we know those around us? And how ready is each of us to open up to our friends?

The picture “Perfect Strangers” shows exactly what most people are not ready to accept the world around them without masks. We, accustomed to building an “ideal” life, are simply not ready to hear the truth. A little lie can make a person more successful and prosperous in the eyes of others. And that suits everyone.

Are we happier for it? Maybe.

The explanation and meaning of Perfect Strangers is that until one of us finds the strength to tell the truth, no matter how bitter it may be, lies will breed new lies.

The ending of the picture is puzzling. The characters leave the house holding hands and laughing merrily. There is no trace of embarrassment, disappointment or resentment on their faces. This is how the evening would have ended if they had abandoned the dangerous game. A life full of mysteries and secrets would go on as usual, but the truth remained there, on the unlit side of the moon.

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