Tale of Tales Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Probably all people believe in something fabulous. This belief comes from childhood. And then, as adults, many people begin to get involved in fantasy stories. These fairy tales for adults about elves, orcs, goblins, wizards operating during the Middle Ages are interesting for people of all ages. A large number of films and serials have been shot. People believe in bright and kind wizards, evil magicians. They believe in good knights rescuing princesses from the clutches of dragons. Here you can recall the famous cartoon game “Dragon’s Lair”.

She absorbed all the best from folklore. The game itself was an interactive cartoon. Based on the motives, a whole animated series was shot. In the recent past, a large number of various literary and cinematic works have been filmed. As far as literature is concerned, the great series of books, The Age of the Dragon, must be mentioned. It has published many popular fantasy novels. Among them is the famous “A Song of Ice and Fire”, on which the series was filmed. There was also the series “Sword of Truth”.

And today the victorious procession of works in the fantasy genre continues. The introduction above was necessary in order to prepare for Tale of Tales movie review. The title is intriguing. Simple and concise. What if the filmmakers decided to somehow generalize and sum up everything that was filmed and written before them?

The film is about a fictional country, which is traditionally placed in the Middle Ages. This country is inhabited by beautiful princesses, evil and good wizards, rulers and rulers, giants, gnomes and other fabulous creatures. Magic is everywhere. The ruler, called the King of the Lonely Cliff, lusted after one beautiful maiden and married her. But then dark magic intervened. The princess became an elderly woman of disgusting appearance. The King of the Valley of Mists has no children.

He was told that the queen, his wife, could become pregnant if she ate the heart of a dragon. Determined, the brave king personally goes to the Dragon’s Lair to get his heart. Doesn’t it remind you of anything? Of course, there was already a mention of the famous interactive game “Dragon’s Lair” above. Another ruler, called the King of the Wild Mountains, keeps as a pet a flea that grows to a gigantic size.

Alas, he is not as noble as the king mentioned before him, since in cold blood he gives his own daughter to a terrible orc living in the mountains. The princess and her husband were not lucky. All the rulers and their courtiers hid behind the strong stone walls of their castles. And behind them something very terrible is happening. There are intrigues, intrigues, false promises, great love is possible there, but also inhuman cruelty. Such is the fantasy world of scary tales.

This is really a collection of various fairy tales. One film has elements from Andersen’s fairy tales and Tolkien’s fantasy works. It already happened. But it’s worth checking out the new version. Especially since it’s an adult.

According to the plot of the film Tale of Tales, the action takes place in three fictional kingdoms. Interestingly, throughout the tape, each plot develops independently. They don’t overlap with each other. In the first kingdom, royal consorts do not have children. The sorcerer showed them that they needed to kill the sea dragon. The queen must drink a special potion and eat the monster’s heart. The king personally goes to fight the dragon. He dies, but gets the dragon’s heart.

The queen, being a powerful woman, does not mourn the death of her husband. She eats the monster’s hearts and drinks the potion. She has an heir. The following shows how the child grows up. The young prince befriends the servant’s son. One day, he is expelled from the castle and gets into trouble. The prince decides to save him and runs away from the castle. Then the mother, with the help of a sorcerer, turns into a flying dragon, which must kill the prince’s friend. Tom had to fight the dragon and kill him.

So the prince kills his mother the queen. The ending is happy nonetheless. Perhaps the scriptwriters wanted, with the help of a metaphor, to convey to the viewer how despotic parents can be, giving the prince’s mother the image of a monster. All this resulted in a confrontation between the younger and older generations. Perhaps someone can think about the first story.

In another plot, the story of the King of the Lonely Cliff is shown. This ruler is distinguished by an idle lifestyle. One day, after a feast, he hears a maiden singing outside the castle window. Deciding to get acquainted with the girl, he gives her a gift. But she turns out to be an old woman. At night she comes to the king. Seeing her, he falls into a rage and orders to take her into the depths of the forest. But there she meets a kind sorceress who turns her into a beautiful young maiden. The king goes hunting and finds the girl.

He marries her. But the younger sister of the maiden is present at the wedding. From depends, she cuts herself, becoming ugly. Thus, the ending of the story becomes very gloomy. The story also has a moral. Maybe it’s not about looks? And women need to put up with the onset of age, and not try to rejuvenate themselves. Why set the bar so high for yourself? A woman of advanced age can already live alone with her sister or find a man of her position. There is something to think about.

The third story tells about the king of the Wild Mountains, who brought a pet in his court in the form of a small flea. But it grows to a huge size and becomes like a sheep. The king loves the flea more than his own daughter. He brings doctors to her, provides food, takes care of her. But the giant flea suddenly passes away. Then the king orders to remove her skin and puts on a show. Men have to guess who owns it. The king’s daughter will marry the winner.

Lucky only orc-cannibal. The king gives him his unloved daughter without regret. The orc leads her to a cave where there are many human remains. Wants to copulate with a girl, but she kills him. Then she brings the head of an orc to the king. History teaches that there are parents who, for the sake of their own interests, are ready to sacrifice even their child. So it’s worth thinking about what is happening around and trying to make the world a better place.

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