H0us3 Ending Explained & Film Analysis

H0us3 (House) is the cinematic debut of Spanish director Manolo Manguia . Perhaps this is the reason why the film took so long to reach distribution. Critics unequivocally state that the film has something to praise for and it is quite interesting to watch it, but it is impossible not to pay attention to some flaws made by the inexperienced director.

However, the picture definitely deserves attention, if only for the exact execution of the announced announcement: this is a great combination of “Paranormal Activity” and “Perfect Strangers”.

What is H0us3 Ending Explained about?

Former classmates after many years decide to get together for a joint weekend. At the same time, each of them comes not alone, but with his soulmate. Thus, we have a house filled with a whole company of people with completely different views on life, with different interests, but connected by the need to stay in the same room for at least a day.

This is a classic trick of thrillers and detective stories: a closed space, a company of people who do not know each other in the closest way, and a huge mystery, the solution of which determines the fate of everyone in the house.

Previously, these people studied to be “computers”, so even now the work of many of them is connected with new technologies. The conversation turns to the current work of two programmers, after which one of them admits that he has a secret application on his phone that the whole company can try right now. The meaning of this program is that when it is turned on, the camera starts showing what will be in this place in 30 seconds. At first, everyone likes such entertainment, because everyone wants to look behind the veil of secrecy. Having fun at first completely harmless, the guys get bored, and they decide to use their knowledge in the field of programming. In general, they climb into the settings, and now the application shows not only the future half a minute, but also events in half an hour, in an hour, in a day. Gradually, the atmosphere becomes more and more tense, because the company begins to see real horrors through the phone that will happen to them personally. How will this party end, which did not portend anything terrible at the beginning?

The meaning of the movie H0us3

There are two ways to decipher the message of the film, each of which has the right to exist, especially since the creator himself does not deny any of them.

From the point of view of the development of artificial intelligence

This idea lies almost on the surface. Guests and hosts practically begin a dialogue with a discussion of their studies and work, and this, of course, concerns computer technology, new programs, the development of artificial intelligence, etc. Finally, the owner of the house named Rafa admits that he has an application that was invented by Julian Assange himself, which, by the way, adds credibility to the film. Everyone in this room has their own smartphone, in addition, there are cameras everywhere in the house, as well as laptops and other devices.

It is generally impossible to get into a room where there is no technology, and if at the beginning of the film these details are practically not noticeable and do not play a special role, then gradually the characters begin to feel like they are in a mousetrap. They are surrounded by danger from literally everything, but do not understand how to avoid a sad ending.

The fact that the threat comes from the company’s Artificial Intelligence is reported by Rafa himself, only from the future. He says that the story can have horrific consequences, and his last message is “Turn off the phones.”

From a moral point of view

But if we discard the factor of the influence of technology on human life and just look at the heroes of history, then another important problem becomes noticeable. People do not know how to communicate with each other, to negotiate. From the very beginning, two camps formed in the company: some wanted to use the new application, while others considered it dangerous to look into the future. But there were no attempts to reach an agreement and find a compromise, just the majority won, which led to sad consequences.

And in general, many moments of the film reveal problems in communication even with close people. Once you look at your smartphone and see the future, it is almost impossible to stop. Because of this, quarrels, debates, even insults arise. But is a civilized society supposed to solve problems like this?

The meaning of the film’s ending H0us3

At the end, Rafa and his friend David admit that, in fact, there is no application for knowing the future, but this is just a prank that Rafa decided to play, and David played along with him.

At first, the rest of the company does not want to believe that such things could be done in terms of technology. Then they realize that the act itself is terrible in relation to friends, close people. It seems that here is the lesson from this picture: do not get carried away too much and do not revel in your abilities if this can hurt loved ones. But only when the guys are alone, one of the girls (who hacked the application to increase the range of time) turns around and says that the application is working.

The ending is open, and it is not entirely clear whether the friends really just played a prank on everyone, or they decided to protect their loved ones from the terrible truth.

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