Oxygen Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Oxygen (2021) movie is about a girl named Elizabeth who ended up in a cryopod. She somehow woke up, but what should she do now? It turns out she can’t get out of her capsule. The girl tries in vain to get through to someone. But everything is quiet. Finally she notices a cell phone. She calls him and tries to contact someone. Police officer Monroe answers her. He tells her that he will make an attempt to save her.

It is important to understand how it got there and where it is. But Elizabeth knows nothing. They continue to communicate to no avail. In the end, a certain woman contacts the girl. Now Elizabeth finds out that she is a scientist who agreed to take part in the experiment. It turns out that by the end of the 21st century it is no longer possible to live on Earth, so a group of people are sent on a starship to the nearest planet where life is possible. And now the girl is flying there with a group of survivors. It’s just that the ship is only 60 thousand km from the Earth, so the connection works.

Over time, it will disappear. The woman tells Elizabeth the code from the capsule, now some of its functions are available to the girl. She begins to learn information about herself. So she learns that her husband is flying with her, with whom she will live on a new planet. What will happen next, no one knows. As for Officer Monroe, he simply talked to her, thinking that she would soon die from the fact that oxygen would run out. It really ends. There is no oxygen. The woman tells her that on Earth they managed to find out the reason for this. The ship collided with an asteroid. Therefore, due to the accident, some of the capsules were damaged. About 400 people died.

Elizabeth survived miraculously. She can only wait. But the oxygen will run out. Using the password given by the woman, the girl takes control of the capsule. She manages to direct the oxygen from the rest of the broken pods to hers. She managed to restore the amount of oxygen at the last moment. When it remains only one percent. She falls asleep again, plunging into suspended animation. Years pass before the entire crew of the ship wakes up. Elizabeth and her husband, as well as the surviving members of the team, meet the dawn on a distant planet. It will become their home.

Elizabeth finds out that she is just a clone of the real Elizabeth. As did her husband. The real Elizabeth is already 80 years old. She did not fly, sending a double instead of herself, that is, her. It was she who was the woman who called Elizabeth and saved her from death. She taught her how to use the oxygen from the other pods on hers. So Elizabeth was able to fall asleep again. But now she has to live life on another planet.

Fiction “Oxygen” is dedicated to the theme of man’s flight into space. Humans will have to colonize other worlds. Soon the representatives of the human race will fly to Mars. And there they will live, engaging in the colonization of the planet. Many people are talking about it today. The ozone layer is thinning. There are also hypotheses about the greenhouse effect when the polar ice caps flood the planet. This will lead to death of people. As well as deteriorating environmental conditions. Do people deserve a second chance or not? After all, they themselves are to blame for the fact that the planet becomes uninhabitable. The question is hard. Perhaps there is no need to look for an answer to it.

The people of the future, in any case, will want to be saved. The very possibility of preserving human civilization and life removes many moral aspects. In addition, a meteorite can hit the Earth. It’s not the people’s fault anymore. In general, equipping a large research ship, such as the Enterprise from Star Trek, will be one of the tasks of the people of the future. It remains only to overcome the economic issues. In addition, there are private companies that can finance flight preparations.

As for the film “Oxygen”, it teaches to love life. After all, it is fragile and depends on many factors. For example, from oxygen. What if he doesn’t exist? A person often finds himself under water, in space. As progress progresses, travel will only become more. It is necessary to take into account all the nuances that may occur. For example, why didn’t the ship have a force field from asteroids?

It remains to be hoped that real missions to other planets will be more successful. This movie is recommended for all fantasy lovers.

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