The Outpost Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Outpost is a Russian film released in theaters in 2019. A huge responsibility fell on the director – he had to make a film that would refute the statements. Unfortunately, such an effect is hard to destroy, because our cinema has spoiled the idea of ​​them for years. And you know, he did it! Yes, the film is not perfect, but it is several levels higher than what is released annually (the same “Christmas Trees”). So what is its meaning? Does the ending have a hidden message? Let’s figure it out!

What is the movie Outpost about?

The film is about a surviving group of people. The action takes place in the distant future. The reason for this is the massive failure of technology and the mutation of people. But what caused such a massive event? The viewer is not told about this, because a note of mystery creates a unique atmosphere of the world. But later he will find out the truth anyway!

The thing is, it happened because of an alien invasion. The alien planet will soon be uninhabitable, which is why they are looking for a new home. Initially, people were created as a species that should destroy the ancient developed race that inhabits the Earth. Yes, it was its representatives who built the pyramids and other wonders of the world. As you can imagine, it happened. As a result, now the invaders are ready to carry out their plan.

The capture itself is divided into three stages:

First wave. Electricity and communications are cut off here; Second wave. With the help of the toxin, a huge part of the people is destroyed; Third wave. The survivors become slaves to the invaders.

In conclusion, it is important to note that two aliens, Id and Ra, have survived on Earth. They had to do everything for the invasion to take place. They arrived millennia ago, so the plan was thought out to the smallest detail.

What is the meaning of the movie Outpost?

The meaning of the film can be interpreted in different ways. We can distinguish 3 values ​​that have a place to be. Let’s look into them in more detail.

First meaning.

Here you can catch some connection with the cleansing of the planet from its inhabitants. There is a massive overpopulation of the Earth, and aliens in the role of Gods decide to change its fate. Their world will soon fade away, but it is not their fault at all. They live in harmony with nature, which shows a natural apocalypse.

People are destroying their planet with their own hands. This is what the aliens want to prevent. Words cannot convince them, so only the language of violence remains. The ways of the Lord are inscrutable. Now their act does not seem something monstrous – they want to give the planet what it needs – a normal existence. Destroying the parasites (people) they will create a new world, free and environmentally friendly.

Second meaning.

The second meaning is unity in the face of a common danger. People do not give up, although they are sure that inevitable death awaits them. The invaders have all the resources to win, but even that doesn’t stop the survivors. This is truly a unique phenomenon!

But, it would seem, what’s wrong with that? People have repeatedly united during times of trouble. But the peculiarity of this idea is different. At the end of the movie, the humans attack the alien ship, only to notice that they have juveniles in there. They do not touch them, because humanism has not disappeared anywhere from their hearts.

The idea of ​​morality and morality should be relevant even in a nightmare! This is what the second version of the film’s meaning tells us.

Third meaning.

Have you noticed the names of the aliens? The id refers to the work of Sigmund Freud. The unconscious part of the psyche (i.e. reflexes). It is he who wants to take over the world and exterminate people. This shows the primitive attraction of living beings to power. It is necessary to refuse such cruelty, as evidenced by the fate of this alien.

The name Ra corresponds to the ancient Egyptian god Ra. He is wise, strict and prudent. That is why he tries to stick to the plan of colonization. It is only thanks to him that he becomes a reality. Here you can catch a certain similarity with the character of the Egyptian god. This is not done by chance, because this is how the author conveys simple truths to us.

Such associations with the gods are a direct reference to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Of course, the author could not say this directly, because the meaning should not lie on the surface. He believes that such an invasion will (figuratively) happen to anyone who forgets about the norms and boundaries of what is permitted. Remember this, because it will not lead to anything good!

The meaning of the film’s ending

In the final, as already mentioned, the survivors do not destroy the entire species of aliens. They find their children still clean from the ideology of destruction. The survivors spared them, which shows the still not lost humanism and compassion in their hearts.

The ending is literally saturated with this idea of ​​peacefulness. For a second, it even seems that there were no such attacks and everything became as it was before. “Even in times of war, don’t become a bloodthirsty beast! Remember this,” this is literally the film screaming at us from the screen. It is important to remember these lines, because the situation in the world is not developing in the best way. Always be human!

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