Come True Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The film Come True (2020) is a typical representative of the horror genre. The story is about an 18 year old girl named Sarah. One day she leaves her house. There is nowhere to live and she sleeps right on the playground intended for children. In addition to this, Sarah begins various nightmares in which she sees all sorts of scary images. What exactly is this? Sarah does not represent. But then she comes across an advertisement for the recruitment of volunteers, which is carried out by the Institute for the Study of Sleep.

Sensors are attached to people that will record their dreams. Sarah was finally able to feel relieved. She managed to sleep. But then the scientists who examined the dreams show her pictures of what she was dreaming about. They are black and white, but Sarah recognizes images from her nightmares on them. Now the girl becomes scared, she begins to be afraid, even hysteria happens.

The creator of the film Come True also wrote the musical score for this film. The name of the creator is Anthony Scott Burns. The viewer will be immersed in the world of terrible dreams of Sarah. In Sarah’s world, all her most desperate fears merged. She is literally lost among these horrors and now she needs to find herself. The footage is simply shocking, because dreams can show anything the most hidden fears of a person. As a result, Sarah even plunges into a coma.

She, along with the viewer, will travel through the world of her nightmares. In the world of dreams, Sarah, in one of the scenes, approaches a certain mysterious structure. Around her, at this time, there will be various dark entities. There will be many. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Sarah is approaching this structure. Then, in the research room, the phone rings. Strangely, they call Sarah’s phone. It was worth taking the call. as the patient immediately wakes up. There are two researchers. This is Jeremy and Anita. Jeremy is the one who answers the phone. Awakened Sarah begins to cry, she has convulsions.

All questions of the girl to Jeremy. She asks if the researchers were able to see dark entities on the monitor screen. The man replies yes. He really saw them. Suddenly, something terrible happens. Dark entities are already around them. Their eyes glow and that’s how they can be seen everywhere. Now no one doubts the reality of these terrible creatures. The explorers and Sarah start to run away. But the darkness, which has taken physical form, pursues them. She doesn’t let them escape. What should they do now? Jeremy and Anita cannot escape the darkness. She covers them. However, Sarah manages to escape.

But then she is met by a dark entity. It’s quite real. Sarah did not even have time to do anything, as everything around changed. Reality has changed. Now the girl is naked and sitting astride Jeremy. The girl’s hands are covered in blood. It turned out that she squeezed out his eye sockets. Thus, killing him. Blood is all over her naked body. Sarah goes to the shower room to wash off this horror. There, the girl notices that her teeth have grown into fangs. A picture comes to the cell phone, and with it a message. There is information that for more than 20 years Sarah has been lying in an unconscious state and no one can make her come to her senses. This is the end.

So terrible are the final scenes of the movie Come True. In fact, no dark creatures have penetrated the real world. It’s just that Sarah was in her world, not wanting to get out of it. How to wake her up. In general, in films of this genre, patients were instilled with the illusion that in their world there is a door or a staircase through which one can enter the real world. Thus, they came to their senses. But this time there is nothing like it. Nobody pulled her out.

Now the question is? Did creatures really penetrate our world. Perhaps Sarah fell into a coma while fleeing the Darkness when a dark entity overtook her? This is the scariest thing. But what if it’s aliens, and it was they who plunged her into a coma for 20 years? But this is a theory. She could have slipped into a coma before. For example, after I began to attend the Sleep Research Institute, participating in an experiment. In any case, the film asks many questions that the viewer himself needs to find.

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