The Night Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The Night is a 2020 horror movie. Filmed in Iran, with the participation of the United States. For the Iranian director, this is the first horror film. She talks about a married couple with a daughter who are returning from guests. But on the way, as is customary, the car breaks down. The couple ends up at the hotel, where they run to escape from what may be in the night. The hotel receptionist turns out to be a weirdo. He is clearly hiding something. What happens inside the hotel? Turns out it’s complete bullshit. Around strange sounds, squeaks, sighs. Here you can recall such films as “13 Ghosts”, “House of Nightmares” and other similar films.

In this respect, The Night is similar to these films. However, a good horror film “13 Ghosts” was filmed back in 2001. The special effects were everywhere. It was something unimaginable. The whole film was a set of mechanisms, computer graphics. The ghosts themselves looked very ominous. No one felt safe. And the worst thing is that the viewer saw nightmarish creatures that were once people, but the characters themselves did not see anything. What is the scene in which a living girl takes a bath.

And in it sits a dead girl with pale dead skin, cadaveric spots on her body, in decayed rags on her body. And we must add to this her unfriendly look at a living young woman who dared to disturb her. The viewer sees, but the character does not see. And that’s the scariest thing. I want to scream at the screen, saying that there is a ghost nearby. A good reception when the viewer sees more than the hero of the film.

The main characters of the film are Babak and Naderi. They are spouses and they have a little daughter who came with them. According to the plot, the characters also have something to hide. Babak has terrible secrets from his family. Naderi is also aware that he is hiding something. But even in her things there is something that should not be. What will happen? Reminds me of Stephen King’s The Shining. That picture also talked about how ghosts began to visit the world of living people. But then it turned out that the head of the family was also hiding something from the family. His guilt leads to the fact that he himself becomes possessed by evil.

At the end, the protagonist of The Shining becomes a ghost himself, who begins to watch over his family from the spirit world. As usual, a horror film turns into a banal showdown within the family. Here everyone has their own skeleton in the closet. You have to solve family problems, against the backdrop of ghosts trying to intimidate or even kill the main characters. Yes, the ghosts around become a trifle, compared to what the main characters themselves hide.

Together with the hero of the film, Babak, father and husband, we will wander together through the dark corridors of the hotel. The goal, of course, is to sort things out with the family, to search for the secret that the ghosts hide. Everywhere noises, rustles. The search for truth is what is most important in the world of ghosts. And then there’s the guilt that lies with Babak. He should sit down with his family and discuss everything. Talk about your problems and what exactly he did. This he must tell his wife.

They have a child and they must somehow overcome all this if they want to live on. What if it’s not meant to be? Ghosts can appear to those who have done something bad. And what is the fault of our hero. Yes, he did a lot of bad things and now fate forced him to answer for his actions. Perhaps if he and his wife had discussed everything, the ghosts would have left. But this did not happen.

So now Babak is haunted by doubles, ghosts, poltergeists. It is somewhat reminiscent of the games of the Silent Hill series, where the hero is tormented by guilt, and the ghost town embodies his fears in the form of various monsters, such as a pyramid head. It’s truly terrible. But when the hero realized his guilt, when she stopped torturing him, the ghosts disappeared. Probably in the movie The Night will be the same.

Among other heroes, the porter can be distinguished. The hotel manager is the basis of the film. He comments on what is happening, draws conclusions, talks about other heroes who disappeared in this Normandy hotel.

All in all, a very entertaining horror film. Despite the banal plot, it has a lot of interesting things.

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