Colossal Ending Explained & Film Analysis

A gigantic monster attacked Seoul. He spares no one in his path. The monster destroys everything it sees in its path. This is how the movie Colossal begins. There is another main character in this story – Gloria. The girl recently lost her job. In addition, her personal life leaves much to be desired. She broke up with her boyfriend. But soon the girl realizes with horror that she is somehow connected with the events that took place in Seoul. After a while, she realizes that this is no longer fiction, but reality. Let’s try to figure out what hidden meaning the audience needs to find.

The film Colossal causes conflicting emotions. It is worth noting that the film was shot in a comedy genre. Only the creators did not focus on humor. The meaning of the story is much deeper than it seems at first glance. The idea of ​​the film is original, the storyline is built outside the box. The further actions of the characters are difficult to predict, and viewers’ predictions regarding the finale of the tape in most cases do not come true at all. Interesting, exciting, intriguing.

The main character of the film understands that it is she who is to blame for the deaths of thousands of people. When the girl realizes this, she begins to frantically think about her next steps. Her mood changes from sorrow to joy. The reaction to what is happening is sometimes overplayed. As if the heroine cannot “find herself” in this life. The girl is thrown from one side to the other. She can’t stop herself to take control of herself. Emotions swept over her, she seemed to be floating along the fast current of the river. Events taking place around are replaced at breakneck speed.

When the girl in one lost everything that mattered to her, she decided for herself that life was over. No career, no personal life. A joyless, uninteresting existence. And most importantly, the gap for a happy future is not visible at all. And the girl went the simplest way. She dropped her hands, surrendered. The heroine gave all of herself to chance. Gloria did not see any further rosy prospects before her. She began to destroy herself from the inside. I let my soul monsters come out. The girl no longer wanted to restrain her fears.

The painting Colossal is about the fact that you can’t completely rely on others, you can’t put their opinion in the first place. All people are prone to making mistakes. You need to learn to forgive others. But first of all, yourself. The deep meaning of the film is that a person should not live in his past. Despite past failures, misses, partings and losses, a person must look to the future with confidence. He must live for today. And try to understand that the past no longer matters. If you wish, you can work on the mistakes and move on with renewed vigor. Not everything is always smooth, you need to understand this. On the way of each there are problems and obstacles, sometimes not at all dependent on the person himself. But he can control his attitude to the twists and turns of a person’s fate. This is his inner strength.

Every society has its own rules of conduct. To follow them or not, the person decides. It is important to understand that you cannot go against yourself, you cannot try to conform to the stereotypes accepted by others if they do not suit you. In this case, the person seems to betray himself. The film Colossal is also about the fact that often women’s guilt grows to gigantic proportions. Childhood traumas do not allow to exist in peace, constantly popping up at the most inopportune moment. These are all personal tragedies of a single person, which are not customary to speak out loud.

People sometimes feel out of place. They are uncomfortable, uncomfortable. It seems that fate is acting too cruelly towards them. Problems replace each other at a frantic speed, longing and despondency settled in the soul. At such moments, a person begins to revel in self-pity. This is not the way out. On the contrary, it is a road to nowhere. It is important to stop feeling sorry for yourself and understand that each person can do much more than it seems at first glance.

The heroine of the film had to understand that she is a strong personality who can do anything. She used to hold on to her boyfriend, her job. When everything was taken away from her, she had to make a difficult choice. Initially, she became confused in her thoughts, withdrew into herself. But then she seemed to grow wings. The girl realized that she was not alone. but just free. It was this realization that opened up new perspectives for her. But in order to achieve something more, she had to do a long and painstaking inner work, work through her fears, get rid of obsessive thoughts.

And most importantly, get rid of the label of a loser that others put on her. Unexpected plot twists suggest that a person never knows exactly what will happen tomorrow. His goal is to be happy today. And no external storm should interfere with inner peace. To be happy, you need to live in harmony with yourself. You need to try to make yourself the most important person in your life. It doesn’t matter how others react to it.

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