Papillon Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The meaning of the movie Papillon (2017). Movies based on real events attract special attention of the audience. One such film was Papillon, directed by Michael Noer. The film is also worth paying attention to because it starred Rami Malek, who recently gained wide popularity thanks to his role in the film Bohemian Rhapsody, where he played Edie Murphy.

The main character is Henri Charrière, he lives in France, opens safes and is going to earn a carefree life with a bride-dancer from his boss’s club. The hero’s salary is already quite high, but in order to earn even more, Anri pockets some stolen jewelry. The hero’s nickname is Papillon, because he is fast and invisible, the police have not been able to catch him for several years. The owner of Papillon, apparently, noticed that his worker was hiding prey from him and decided to set him up – hangs a murder on him, which Henri only saw, but absolutely did not commit. In a toga, Henri is sent to work in a colony, which is located on an island in America. Thus, Papillon is not only imprisoned for a murder he did not commit, but with the slightest chance of escaping. Around the prison part there are impassable thickets of trees, and in the ocean around the island there are bloodthirsty sharks.

During the trip to his destination, Papillon meets a millionaire who made money dishonestly – forged securities, his name is Louis Degas. One of the prisoners tells Papillon, then you can only escape if you have money, for this reason, Henri decides to protect Louis, so that he would give him the money needed to escape for protection.

As a result of this union, both swindlers are imbued with special friendly feelings for each other. The first escape failed, for which Henri was given 2 years in solitary confinement, during this period the head of the prison offered to “merge” Motyl’s partner, but the hero did not give up. The second escape was much better planned – there were 4 people in the team, but it also failed, as a result, Papillon gets a second term – this time 5 years in solitary confinement.

The meaning of the movie Papillon

The philosophy of the film is very simple, but it makes everyone who has seen the film think about the meaning of their life. The main character is an example of resilience. The man spent a total of 7 years in solitary confinement, but managed not to break down and remain a strong-willed person. The head of the prison himself admitted that he does not believe in the correction of prisoners, therefore the main goal of the work and conclusions is to break a person. But if a person has a goal in life, it is impossible to break him in such primitive ways.

Another main character is a man with iron concepts of honesty and honor. Even the unfamiliar Louis, who helped Henri as much as possible, remained in the heart of Papillon, and he not only did not turn him over to the prison authorities, but could not leave Degas during the escape, when he broke his leg. The two prisoners who fled with them wanted to leave Louis, because he was an extra burden, but Papillon remembered that it was thanks to Louis’s money that they were able to arrange an escape and did not allow their partner to be torn to pieces by the guards and superiors.

At the end of the film, Henri, already at an advanced age, returns by plane to France, where he was banned from entering. Papillon escaped from prison is still on the wanted list, he definitely shouldn’t appear in France, because it threatens his freedom and even life. However, Henri has a definite goal: he flies to the publisher with manuscripts about his imprisonment and escape, so that the world learns about the inhuman conditions of detention of people, the guilt of some of which has not even been adequately proven. As a result, in the credits we see that just after the publication of the book, Henri was given a remission, he again got the opportunity to return to his homeland. Well, the book itself was in the category of the most read.

The meaning of the finale of the film is that any person has human rights. No one has the right to doom people to such conditions of existence. Especially considering the fact that the protagonist was convicted for the murder he committed. Of course, Papillon did not lead an honest life, but he did not deserve such a life either.

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