Southbound Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Southbound (2015) is a horror film that is a collection of several stories. The first story tells of two people who decide to go wandering around the world in an attempt to get away from the mistakes of a past life. The second story is dedicated to more successful people who put together a musical group and became famous. Now they are going to the place where they will give another performance. The third story tells about a man who cannot return to his home in any way.

The meaning of the movie Southbound

The fourth story tells of another man who is looking for his sister, who disappeared many years ago. The fifth story is about a family on a pleasure trip. But everything changes when they face their fears and are forced to confront them. Thus, Southbound, released in the relatively recent 2015, is a collection of horror stories that can tickle the nerves of the audience.

The horror tale begins at the moment when the two main characters, having rested, leave the cafe near the road. But here something unusual happens. The car again goes straight to the cafe. How can this be. They were driving away from him. Strange, but the woman-seller seemed to them some kind of sinister. What could it be ? The guys are in a panic. Meanwhile, the horror only intensifies as a skeleton pounces on them. One of the young people is defeated by this otherworldly monster, devoid of flesh and blood. The other guy manages to run away in horror. The guy gets to the hotel, which is located nearby. But there, true horror awaits him.

It is clear that films of this genre will always find their audience. The suddenness of the appearance of the inexplicable supernatural has always shocked and delighted the viewer. A well-known director’s trick when a tearful melodrama suddenly turns into a horror movie with vampires or zombies. What can I say? Swapping one genre for another has always worked great. Take, for example, From Dusk Till Dawn (1995). Typical Texas Western. The action takes place in modern times. Two thug brothers stop at Dusk Till Dawn. During the fight, one of them bled.

Then the girl dancing with the snake saw her. Her eyes were filled with red, her teeth turned into fangs. The vampire girl jumped on one of the brothers, the one who was injured and stuck into his neck. And then it started. The heroes began to fight the vampires. Such a substitution of genres often makes the viewer watch the entire film from beginning to end in one breath. If From Dusk Till Dawn stuns the viewer with the sudden appearance of vampires, then another, more modern film, The Mist, tells the story of supermarket visitors.

Different people gathered then in a huge store. Suddenly it got dark. A cold fog descended, through which it was difficult to distinguish anything. There was something sinister about him, something not of our world. Terrible giant insects came out to hunt people. People were closed indoors, cut off from the world. The panic began. The Mist is a mixture of a horror film and a psychological thriller. Showing the relationship between people, their despair, the hopelessness of the situation. After all, the food in the supermarket will end, there is no medical care.

Outside, merciless giant insects from Earth’s past. What made them appear on the planet, and, moreover, in their city. Like the heroes of these two dissimilar films, united by the sudden appearance of an all-powerful Evil, the film Southbound tells the story of heroes who also face inexplicable and terrible phenomena. Why, in one of the stories, the car that was driving away from the cafe began to approach it again? Where did the skeleton that attacked one of the men come from?

In films of this genre, the viewer does not receive answers to such questions immediately or, at all, they do not find solutions. Evil is inexplicable and sudden. It will never be completely destroyed. This is how our world works. And this is the meaning of the film with a set of stories, which has such a laconic name – Southbound. We all inevitably, sooner or later, may face Evil. It takes many forms. In some scenes of this work, a person suddenly becomes a werewolf, or a group of seemingly decent people, but who turn out to be members of a cult, gives the girls poisoned food. Evil can always manifest itself. It is somewhere out there in the darkness, looking with burning eyes into the world of ordinary people. We must be prepared for his unexpected invasion.

Watch Explained the movie Southbound and enjoy the horror genre.

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