Minari Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film appeared on the screens of viewers in 2020 and made them look at the world of cinema in a new way. This film showed that while watching the viewer may not experience any emotions, but in the final there will be a whole storm of sensations that will affect the living.

The plot of the film is very simple: an ordinary family with their problems and dreams will find themselves at the intersection of two completely different cultures – Korea and America. They will have to adapt to their new environment, world, traditions and mentality. In addition, everything is built on feelings about whether a person can be useful to others in any situation that can happen to him? What will people around him think of him? Heroes interfere with their own lives, worrying about their usefulness to society. Trying to prove to himself that he is able to feed his family, the main character shows it to others. But to be completely honest, this is selfishness, the desire to prove to myself that everything is possible, I’m still good for something.

All the characters in the film are trying to prove something to someone. On the one hand, this is an attempt to show that a person can do anything if he wants, but on the other hand, this is a neglect of the feelings of both his own and those of his relatives.

A lot of attention in the film is devoted to religion. The main characters find an outlet in the church, where they meet a large number of people who are ready to give their care and warmth just like that. This is where the family comes when they meet some obstacles on their way.

The meaning of this film is quite deep, perhaps the viewer will need to review it a couple of times to understand what it is really about. You can read a large number of reviews and reviews, but you also need to see the film yourself in order to form a personal opinion about it.

By nature, a person is constantly competing with someone: who has a taller house, more food in the refrigerator, more expensive car. Material goods absorb our lives, gradually replacing the importance of the spiritual. We often think about someone else, but not about ourselves. You need to prove, for example, to your mother that she knowingly gave her son in the fifth grade to dance. And he will take it and become a dancer, even if he constantly dreamed of being a programmer. You need not to fall into the dirt in front of a neighbor who constantly praises you for your achievements in the scientific field – you need to support this and move up the career ladder. Even if in the evening you want to sit down and watch your favorite series, and not sit down to write a new article until midnight.

This is our problem – we are trying to prove something to someone to the detriment of ourselves. We forget who we are, what we love and what we dream about. Our main dream is to prove to others our significance and importance in this life.

The solution to the problem is also very simple: a person who has a chance to come into this world and become a member of human society is already priceless. His views, thoughts, dreams and desires are more valuable than ever, but this same society seems to have forgotten about it forever and irrevocably. When we are born, we owe everything to everyone: to graduate from the university with honors, to build a family and pamper our parents with grandchildren, to buy an apartment and find a job. Rarely will anyone ask what exactly we want – society lives by its own rules: if you do things differently than everyone else, then you are wrong.

There are no right or wrong people. There are those who live for the benefit of others and those who take care of themselves. Both of them have the right to exist. Simply, once again trying to prove your worth, remember that you are already valuable. Simply because you are a person with your own characteristics: appearance, character, outlook on life.

The film teaches that one cannot be comfortable for everyone. It is important to listen to your inner voice and understand what you need now. Do not pay attention to other people, their desires – just listen to yourself. And then life will change for the better.

Many will call it selfishness. Yes, but this is healthy selfishness, this is a struggle for the opportunity to declare oneself as a free and independent person. If you are happy, then everyone around you will be happy. Having got into a car accident, a mother with a child first puts an oxygen mask on herself, and then on the child. This is a good example that your life and its quality depends only on us. We are the leaders of our lives and should not adapt to anyone.

In the film “Minari” an unsurpassed good game of actors is the work of the director at the highest level! But the meaning that everyone can formulate on their own after watching is very interesting.

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