Ma Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The meaning of the movie Ma (2019): explanation of the plot & ending. Ma is a 2019 horror film directed by Tate Taylor. The picture raises a number of serious psychological themes that are not typical for the tapes of this genre. The meaning of Ma’s film comes down to the fact that childhood traumas, resentments often turn out to be decisive in the formation of a person. Experienced school humiliation left a trace in the soul of the main character. The woman could not cope with her feelings. This led to a bloody denouement in the final.

Description of the story & Meaning of the movie

The plot of the film Ma revolves around an adult black woman, Sue Ann Ellington, played by Octavia Spencer. The heroine works in a city veterinary clinic and leads a secretive life. One day, she runs into a group of teenagers who ask for help buying alcohol (no one will sell them alcohol so as not to get in trouble with the law). However, the booze of the guys breaks down, the children end up in the police. The next day, Sue invites the teenagers to meet in her basement.

Tired of parental prohibitions, the guys, at first, are delighted with a new acquaintance. For once I was lucky to come across an understanding adult. Teenagers begin to visit the house regularly, calling Sue “Ma”. But gradually, many facts come to light, because of which many suspicions creep in children:

  • the annoying hospitality of a woman;
  • the desire to be equal to teenagers;
  • Sue’s constant presence at parties;
  • missing jewelry from girls after parties.

Suspicions are heightened when girls sneaking in to Ma find her daughter, whom they have never heard of before. Sue Ann did not want her to go to school, communicate with her peers. Therefore, I regularly pumped her up with tranquilizers, convinced her of an illness that prevented her from walking, and put her in a wheelchair.

The idea that explains the meaning of Ma’s film begins to emerge in the second part of the tape. Then the main character finally “breaks the roof.” The situation is aggravated when the father of one of the hanging out teenagers, her high school love Ben (Luke Evans), spoke to the woman in a rude manner.

On a note! The ending of Ma’s film was determined by a single incident that happened in high school. On one of the school evenings, Sue agrees to have oral sex with Ben. Being sure that he is waiting for her in a dark locker, she experiences a real shock when another guy appears instead of her lover.

The humiliation to which her classmates subjected her did not fade with time, it accumulated inside for many years. The boorish attitude of teenagers + the threats of the main offender led to the fact that Ma began a bloody massacre.

Ending and hidden meaning

As it turned out later, it was not by chance that Sue Ann began to invite the guys to visit. They were the children of her classmates. In her teens, she saw her offenders. At first, out of curiosity, she wanted to live her youth over again, to imagine how events would have unfolded without that incident. But the way the guys began to behave rudely decided how Ma ended the film.

Sue Ann’s victims are:

  • Mercedes (Ben’s girlfriend) – hit by a car;
  • Ben – injects him with a tranquilizer, transfuses the blood of a dog, cuts his veins;
  • Hayley – sews up her mouth;
  • Andy (Ben’s son) – stabbed in the stomach with a knife.

The way the woman deals with the offenders indirectly emphasizes the meaning of Ma’s film. Sue Ann sees in everyone a certain school archetype. Andy is a tough guy who breaks the hearts of losers like her, Hayley is a talker who cannot be trusted, Darell is a black racist.

Teenagers in the final picture are saved by the mother of one of the girls, along with her daughter Sue Ann – Jean. As a result of the fight, a fire starts. After being rebuffed, Ma goes up to the second floor, lies down next to Ben’s body. As a girl, she dreamed of reciprocity, becoming an adult, she wanted at least respect. But in the end, she received sexual and racial discrimination. The only thing left was to hurt him too. In the final scene, the vicious circle closes. Ma dies next to the main culprit of troubles.

The meaning of Ma’s movie ending is a warning. Childish cruelty towards peers does not go unnoticed. Strong personalities manage to overcome school grievances and begin to live life to the fullest. But some teenagers continue to be social outcasts. And adult outcasts begin to hate.

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