Lobster Meaning Movie: David blinding himself?

The Meaning Of The Movie Lobster & The Explanation Of Its Ending. The film “Lobster” was released in 2015, and immediately caused a huge amount of discussion among both critics and viewers. The picture was able to take several worthy awards, and in general, we can say that the public accepted the picture positively. Until now, those who have watched the film are lost in conjectures about the meaning of both the picture as a whole and the ending.

What is the movie The Lobster about?

This film is a satire on modern society, which dictates to our subconscious the rule that our life will be complete and meaningful only on the condition that you have your own family. Happy single people get sympathetic statements like “don’t worry, hold on, one day you’re bound to meet your perfect partner” all the time. Finding your partner becomes your main task. In many countries, this pattern extends to buying a car, buying a house, having a baby, and so on. Many people succumb to social pressure and end up in relationships that they don’t really like. In the world of The Lobster, the search for partners is taken to the extreme and even absurd.

How does the Lobster world work?

Everyone should find a life partner at a certain age. Married couples lead a “normal” life and live in the city, being representatives of an active society. Pairs should have similar features. The resemblance can be something unfounded, like a nosebleed. This is done to emphasize how superficial relationships can be. All single people are quarantined in a hotel and given 45 days to find a partner. The newly formed couple must prove their love by spending 2 weeks in a double room and then on a yacht alone for another 2 weeks. For couples who often fight and argue, a child is singled out, as this will help reduce the number of quarrels. If singles cannot find a mate, they transform into an animal of their choice and are released into the wild. The film goes on to explain that most of the world’s animals were once human. Masturbation is strictly prohibited in the Hotel, but a regular lap dance from the Maid is a must, as this combination is said to work wonders for the marital process. Residents of the hotel can get themselves extra days by hunting singles. Loners are resistance. They stand for being single and free, but they are the opposite of society. Loners believe that people should never fall in love or date. Being alone is the only way they think is right.

I know this world looks absolutely crazy. But this is just a perspective on our world. This is the ideology of our world, taken to extremes on both sides.

Lobster Beginning: Why does a woman shoot a donkey?

The movie doesn’t explain the first scene, but I believe the donkey is the lady’s ex-husband who cheated on her. As a result, the divorce made them lonely. While he left and decided to become an ass, she miserably found a mate to remain human. Now she blames him for his miserable life and decides to kill him. I do not claim the truth of my version, this is just my guess. If you have other options – write in the comments.

The plot of the film “The Lobster”

David recently became single after a 12 year relationship. He checks into a hotel with a dog that was once his brother. Although he seems eager to find a partner, he knows that he does not have outstanding physical qualities or other advantages.

David chose to reincarnate as “Lobster”, as they live for over 100 years, are blue-blooded, like aristocrats, and remain fertile all their lives. Even after his human days, David thinks about buying himself as much time as he can to find his mate. That’s how important it is to him.

Other single characters in the facility

John, whose wife has recently passed away. He has a limp, which is his defining characteristic. Robert, the man with acne. A heartless woman who is completely devoid of any emotion and is therefore one of the best lone hunters. A woman with constant nosebleeds and her good friend with great hair. A gingerbread woman who is ready to offer many sexual pleasures to find her man.

How do people turn into animals?

It is believed that human skin is first removed and then the vital organs undergo a procedure based on the chosen animal. After that, the remains of a person are thrown away, and the blood is donated to hospitals.

While this is exactly how the process works, it seems to be the perfect corporate lie to cover up organ harvesting from people who are not worthy enough for society. Maybe no one actually transforms, they just get killed.

John and the bleeding woman

John pretends to have a nosebleed to create a couple. They are proclaimed a couple and upgraded to a double room. In two weeks they were to spend a two-week stay on a yacht. If they succeed, they will move to the city. But they start fighting and are quickly assigned a baby (because, as you know, a baby solves all relationship problems).

A good friend of a girl with a bleeding nose believes that she has nothing to do with anyone and has come to terms with the fact that she is better off being an animal. She is also visibly annoyed at being hailed as “best friend”. As the nosebleed girl begins to explain how her new life in the city will still affect the memories of her best friend, she is slapped across the face. Her friend chooses to watch the movie alone. She has clearly lost faith in humanity.

New life for David.

David believes he will fake a relationship like John does. He approaches the Heartless Woman and says that he is worried that the Gingerbread Woman may not have died jumping out of her room. The last thing he wants is to hear someone screaming in his room.

Later, he tries to have a chat with the heartless Woman in the hot tub. A woman pretends to choke on an olive. David tries not to react, because he understands that this is a trap. He passes her test and they become a couple. David also goes out of his way to greet John’s designated daughter by kicking her in the shin, stating that she can now limp like her dad.

Their union does not last long, the heartless Woman kills David’s dog, his brother, and tells how she kept kicking him and left him to slowly die. David is caught red-handed while crying.

Maid in the movie: who is she?

The maid is actually part of the resistance, one of the loners. We don’t know this at the time of viewing, as this is revealed later. Just as David is about to be taken to the authorities, the maid helps David distract Heartless Woman and he shoots her with a tranquilizer dart. The maid asks David to shoot her to make sure she won’t be suspected.

What does David turn a heartless woman into?

The most popular thought is that David turns a woman into a rabbit. Now remember, the woman had no emotions and was a first-class lone hunter. Turning her into a harmless little rabbit will make her feel like a victim.

Another, less interesting option is that David kills the heartless Woman and gets rid of her. Perhaps he kicked her until she died slowly and painfully.

David joins the singles but falls in love

David starts his new life as a loner. He meets a woman with myopia, for whom he instantly develops feelings. Their common feature confirms the love for her in his heart. They start dating secretly. He hunts and prepares rabbits for her. She saves David from Robert, who goes on a regular hunt in hopes of prolonging his days as a human.

Together with the leader of the loners and a short-sighted woman, David goes to the city to practice merging with society, this is part of the regular exercises. Using fake IDs, they evade the cops who want to arrest the lonesome. After a trip to the Lone Leader’s house, they return to the forest.

Resistance demolishes the hotel

Loners break into the hotel and capture the hotel manager and his wife. After the manager talks about his deep love for his wife, they place a gun in his hand. They tell him that he can save his life if he shoots his wife. He, without batting an eyelid, shoots at his wife, realizing that the gun is empty. Loners pride themselves on proving that all relationships are empty. David goes to the yacht and tells the naked woman that John is faking. He hopes that they will be truthful with each other.

On further test drives into town, David and the nearsighted woman begin to overact. The duo plan to run away to the city, but…

They blind a nearsighted woman

The leader of the resistance picks up on David’s plan and preemptively removes their similarities, rendering the nearsighted woman blind. The leader of the resistance pretends to die, using the maid as a human shield. The nearsighted woman tells David that she is now blind and they are desperately looking for another aspect in common. It is believed that David does the right thing by reacting to love rather than a construct of similarity and continues to flee the camp. The leader of the resistance believes that she ended the love affair by removing the likeness. She releases her guard and David attacks her and leaves her as dog food.

The meaning of the ending of the movie “Lobster”

Once David and the nearsighted woman make it to town, David falls prey to the physical resemblance forced upon them and takes the steak knife to the bathroom. In front of the mirror, he ponders whether he should go blind or not. The real victory will come only if David realizes that physical resemblance means nothing. But he is far from this thought. David is too keen on making another superficial connection, he doesn’t really consider the idea of ​​true love, at least not yet. The irony, however, is that he sincerely loves her. But in order to fit into society, he either has to be blind for real, or pretend to be.

David blinding himself?

Just as he “told” John, I imagine David realizing that artificially constructing a mere physical resemblance is absurd. I would like to think that he will understand this and explain to the myopic woman that his love for her is not superficial. And he will pretend to be blind to ensure that they can live together in the city.

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