Nomadland Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

January 2011 was an ordeal for the 60-year-old Fern. The woman was left without work and livelihood. The drywall factory, where the heroine worked for many years, was closed. Fern came to the conclusion that she had nothing more to lose. The woman took all the most valuable things and loaded them into the van. Now Fern is a modern nomad. But what is the meaning of the drama Nomadland (2020)?

The heroine of the film does not stand still. Realizing that a difficult period had come in her life, she decided to act. Fern is in constant search of earnings. Losing a job at a young age is a hard blow. Traveling to different states, the heroine hopes to find a seasonal work activity that she could perform. A woman is not just looking for a job. She was disillusioned with her existence. She needs an incentive to move on.

In the film, the director analyzes a special group of nomads. These are the people who could not find, find spiritual harmony. Their own lives have unsettled them. They were left alone with countless difficulties and problems. Such people are at a crossroads and do not know what next step to take. But they do not despair. So does Fern. The heroine realized that her life is in her hands. The woman was a native of the city, she worked at a city-forming enterprise. She was used to being surrounded by all the benefits of a progressive society. But even this Fern decided to refuse. The woman suddenly realized that she had much more to find.

The heroine decided to slow down the pace of life and listen to herself. In the daily bustle, she had already forgotten the last time she admired the beauties of nature, listened to her inner voice and her desires. Now she will have enough time to make up for it. Fern is on the run from the crowded town she has lived in all her life. In an instant, her familiar world collapsed. She is heading to the outskirts, where she will wander in search of spiritual harmony. A woman wants to get away from the rigid framework established in society. The heroine finally wants to hear herself.

A woman who decides to drastically change her life has a strict appearance. Her actions are not impulsive, but well thought out. The heroine has a cold temperament, she does not act “in the heat of the moment.” The woman did not openly demonstrate disagreement with the system. She realized that this silent battle would not lead her to the desired result. The heroine decided to take care of her own life. The meaning of the film “Land of Nomads” is that a person needs to listen to himself, to his desires and dreams. It is important to look for what will be to your liking. You don’t have to be afraid of change. It is necessary to follow the call of the heart and always strive for the best.

Nomads are a special category of people. In their world there is no place for violence, corruption, hatred. They are free from prejudice. In the first place among nomads is mutual assistance. They will always support those who sincerely need it. Nomads strive for peace and inner harmony. Being in the wild, they do not become social outcasts. They do not completely move away from people, do not lose touch with the culture. Nomads are endowed with a special light that comes from within. Despite the uncertainty of life, they sincerely rejoice in the world. Their spiritual warmth is able to warm the one who needs it.

On her way, a woman meets people who are not alike. Everyone has a different fate and a different attitude to life. But all these people are beautiful in their own way. Despite the fact that the film “Land of Nomads” is a feature film, the audience does not leave the feeling that they are watching a documentary. The stories seem so true, and the reactions of the characters are genuine, that you involuntarily think about the reality of everything that happens.

Through a piercing life film, as if through a prism, the audience looks at the crisis in which America finds itself. The creators of the film showed even the most unattractive corners of the country, which the inhabitants of the country did not even know about. Simple vagabonds are trying to find the meaning of life. Their ease, openness, kindness are amazing.

The film Nomadland is a story about inner freedom, about escaping from a society that is pressing from all sides. This film is about people whose kindness knows no bounds. Each person is endowed with special personal qualities. Everyone has something to share with others. Even if you do not have a comfortable home, but only a small van, you can become a happy person. Happiness is not measured by the amount of money or the recognition of merit in society.

With the help of picturesque landscapes, the filmmakers showed the beauty of the surrounding nature. But a person in pursuit of material wealth often loses sight of this. A sultry desert with amazing sunsets and a frosty north. Contrasts revealing the bright colors of the surrounding world. These incredible views are inspiring. And I no longer want to return to the city, in which life is in full swing. The main character of the film became a kind of guide, showing the beauty of traveling in search of ourselves.

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