Kill Your Darlings Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The American biographical drama Kill Your Darlings was the first work of John Krokidas in feature films. The picture was positively rated by many critics. The viewer will see on the screen the story of the possessed and the killer, based on real events.

Meaning of “Kill Your Darlings”

A young, brave, reckless rebel of the 21st century. Probably, the story with such a hero is familiar to almost every viewer. An unwanted child born into a constantly needy family. He does not know simple, but at the same time very important concepts: love, respect, support, responsibility. But the character was well aware of what hatred means. The father was not an authority for the young man, because he was almost always drunk. The character’s mother disappeared for days at work, because she had to feed a large family. But does this description fit the rebel of the 1940s?

The character could be born into a wealthy family, in which a calm, peaceful atmosphere reigned. The young man could get a diploma from Harvard and visit various parts of the globe. But one day he was just tired, he got bored of such a carefree life. The young man decided to plunge into a different atmosphere. He began to attract a disorderly existence.

A promising athlete who dreamed of linking his life with football could also become a rebel. He would have easily received a student card from a prestigious university and a decent scholarship. However, unforeseen circumstances made him forget about his sports career. The accident crossed out all his future plans. He said goodbye to Columbia University and decided to devote his life to dubious interests.

The offspring of an intellectual family could also become a young, desperate rebel. The father of the character is a talented poet, the mother of the young man is a high school teacher. The young man was a diligent student, strictly following the established rules and not allowing himself to go beyond. But suddenly the young man was attracted by the peculiar creativity of the “other” New York.

The names of these three characters are known to art lovers. These are three real people who studied at Columbia University and lived in New York. This trinity is connected by one person. The director of the film “Kill Your Darlings” heard about the incredible story in which all three were involved. A complicated crime, complex and incomprehensible relationships. John Krokidas decided to revive the theme of the rise of the beat generation.

Touching upon the early years of existence, describing the period of internal breakdown, rethinking of views, the director showed how a person changes throughout life. Initially, young people were no different from their peers. However, the young men were not satisfied with their lives. They were in an illusory world. The heroes chose to start from scratch. They decided to touch the world from the other side, to know it from the inside.

The main meaning of the film “Kill Your Darlings” is to show the viewer how a person changes with age. And it’s not just external changes. The director is more interested in the feelings, emotions, thoughts of the characters. The young men were simply tired of living “by order”, they no longer wanted to blindly follow the rules. The heroes suddenly realized how imperfect the world around them is. They are tired of the injustice, the lies that have been broadcast by the media. A person is trying to break free from the shackles that have been on him from an early age.

The film “Kill Your Darlings” is not just a story about desperate heroes. This movie is not about three famous people. The film tells about strong-willed characters who did not want to put up with the current situation in the world. They were endowed with an incredible ability to think and feel differently than the vast majority of people. The characters are in constant search of themselves.

The meaning of the ending of the movie “Kill Your Darlings”

The movie “Kill Your Darlings” is not only a biographical drama. This story reveals the youthful rebellious spirit. Human tragedies unfold before the audience on the screen. The director tried to subtly and unobtrusively mark the line between self-improvement, constant search and true crime.

This film is not for every viewer. The film will be appreciated by creative people who are familiar with the course of the beatniks. Tape “Kill Your Darlings” – a story about writers related to the classics. Unsurpassed masters of their craft are disgusted to live according to the old patterns imposed on them in childhood. They are born to create. Only in this way can they feel freedom.

The director showed the strengths and weaknesses of the beatniks. The meaning of the finale of the film “Kill Your Darlings” is to make each viewer feel the importance of self-expression, self-realization. The heroes made a conscious decision to go against the current. They abandoned the usual rules, frameworks, restrictions. Some admire their fortitude, others consider them mediocre pseudo-intellectuals. But one thing is for sure. The history of the beatniks will not leave anyone indifferent. The characters have made themselves known. Creative rebels were able to leave their mark on world literature.

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