The meaning of the movie Joker 2019

Fans of psychological films with an interesting denouement are looking forward to the release of the Joker film in wide Russian distribution. This work evokes a wide range of feelings in the audience: some admire it, while others remain completely disappointed. But one thing is for sure, the film will not leave anyone indifferent. What is the point of the Joker movie? What is he talking about?

What is Joker (2019) about?

Gotham. Eighties. The life of Arthur Fleck can hardly be called happy and joyful. The hero is constantly depressed, he often thinks about suicide. He works as a clown. However, his field of activity is extremely diverse: Arthur Fleck advertises sales and promotions in small stores, performs in children’s hospitals.

Due to nervous disorders, the hero is forced to visit a psychotherapist. Arthur has a cherished dream – he dreams of becoming a famous stand-up comedian. The clown often imagines being a guest on Murray Franklin’s Tonight TV Show. However, in real life, the everyday life of a lonely hero is brightened up only by his mother, who is seriously ill. The parent does her best to convince her son that his father is the billionaire and philanthropist Thomas Wayne, who at that time is trying to take over as mayor of the city.

The city is in complete disarray. Nothing bright and joyful is expected. Arthur began to visit gloomy painful thoughts more and more often. The hero did not have the strength to fight them. Strange events piled on one another and Arthur simply lost touch with reality. He went crazy. But along with this, the hero comes to certain philosophical conclusions and gets the only opportunity to convey them to people.

The meaning of the movie “Joker” (2019)

The movie “Joker” is uncomfortable to watch. Feverish-morbid laughter. Undisguised nervous breakdown. Arthur Fleck, due to strange habits, cannot find friends and even buddies. Forced loneliness.

The hero is a caring son. He meekly cares for his mother. Despite the problems and difficulties that have fallen on him, Arthur is trying to establish contact with his colleagues. Another hobby of the character is dancing. However, sharp chaotic hand movements indicate that the hero is far from reality. At this moment, he exists in his own world, where there is no place for violence.

The character smokes a lot. Thus, he forgets and does not see the dirt and hypocrisy around. Arthur Fleck contemplated his suicide many times. He analyzed every step, every action. At these moments, the viewer sees a playful, carefree smile on his face. After all, the hero believes that this is the only way out that is possible for him. What did he see in his life?

Impunity, chaos, crime have swallowed up the whole city. People are more like evil beings who are alien to human feelings and weaknesses. Every man for himself. What are their values ​​and priorities? Everyone thinks exclusively about satisfying their own desires and needs. The hero has neither the strength nor the desire to fight the circumstances. He seems to be going with the flow. Arthur Fleck does not try to be better than others, does not seek to prove his point of view, considering it the only true one. But he himself discovered the truths, which he wanted to share with others.

However, in the film there is a place not only for severe psychological violence. To defuse the situation and give the audience a little respite, humor came to the aid of the director. After all, it is impossible throughout the entire film to observe only the serious psychological struggle within a person, the complete indifference of others, the depreciation of human life. The director mercilessly ridicules the weaknesses of the characters and society as a whole. The person becomes nothing. He is a gray mass. He is like everyone else. Born, lives, dies. A worthless existence. Conveyor. Aimless walking to work, unwillingness to hear and listen to those who need help. Indifference and hostility to the needy.

The meaning of the ending of the movie “Joker” (2019)

The audience’s nerves are on edge. The end of the film. The mood of all is on the verge of hysteria. What was it? Arthur Fleck never met anything happy, bright and joyful in his whole life. A miserable miserable existence. Did the hero try to change the situation? Was trying. Successfully? Unlikely. Rotten society. A system that breaks everyone from the inside. The hero stood out from the general gray mass. He did not fit the template, fell out of the system, which then crashed.

Suddenly, the opinion of the mentally ill began to be listened to. The hero is confused. This feeling is foreign to him. The meaning of the ending is that society is closed from the problems of others, but when, finally, it is ready to listen and hear, it is too late. The clown began to be supported. Over the years, someone agreed to lend a helping hand to him. Arthur is not familiar with this, emotions completely overwhelmed him.

Violence breeds violence. The personality of the hero is extremely ambiguous. After watching the film, the viewer will definitely have a strange and unpleasant aftertaste.

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