Joker Review: What Does the Ending of Mean?

The meaning of the movie Joker (2019): explanation of the plot & ending. In 2019, the film “Joker” was released, which tells about the craziest clown in Gotham. The motion picture won millions of hearts and left an ambiguous impression on many. Some questions are still difficult to answer. Why did the audience begin to empathize with the criminal? What idea was the protagonist trying to convey and, most importantly, what is the point of the Joker movie?

Description of the story

Before trying to guess the meaning of the ending of the Joker movie, you need to plunge into the story of his life. The main character, Arthur Fleck, works as a clown and earns money at the same time for his ailing mother. She is the only ray of light in his life, his support and support.


From the very beginning of the film, viewers are presented with a picture of a gloomy, dirty city filled with garbage. And this is no coincidence. Gotham symbolizes modern society, just as gloomy and dirty. The hero himself is a depressive character with a mental disorder. Throughout the film, the real life of Arthur and the fiction born in his head are intertwined. The plot of the film Joker is based precisely on the mental illness of the hero. And the image of a clown symbolizes the joyful mask of society, which it puts on in order to hide its real emotions.

The episode in which the clown dances near the store has several meanings at once.

  • Most likely, the audience paid attention to the poster with the text “Everything must be sold out.” This statement suggests that everything present will soon disappear.
  • Arthur in this case acts as a prophet. Foretellers used to be abused, they were beaten, they were mocked. The scene where the teenagers are beating the Joker is just a reference to the purpose of the hero.


Throughout the film, Arthur looks for ways to kill himself. The hero is sorely lacking human attention. He believes that it is death that will draw the attention of other people to his personality. The director admits that the Joker suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, in which a person needs to be in the spotlight. This is what prompted the hero to get on the Murray Franklin show. The man dreamed of becoming a famous comedian. But when he shared his dream with his mother, she devalued his desire, claiming that being a comedian is ridiculous.

Arthur’s friend gives him a gun when he finds out that he was attacked. After that, the hero ceases to be a funny clown and becomes the Joker. The Joker is Arthur’s second insane and embittered personality. She encourages him to behave inappropriately. Not in the way other people expect. The viewer sees the real awakening of the villain in the subway scene in which the hero kills people.

On a note! The ladder in the film symbolizes a certain success. It’s hard for Arthur to climb it, but after the atrocities he committed, the hero easily descends.

Later, by chance, the man learns that his own father is Thomas Wayne. He hurries to him to get some warmth from a loved one. But his father does not recognize his son, and then completely beats him. Upon returning home, Arthur climbs into the refrigerator, which here personifies the grave. This scene says that now Arthur Fleck is dead, and only the Joker remains.

Ending and hidden meaning

Even after watching the film from beginning to end, it is difficult to say how the Joker film ended, the end is filled with intrigue and ambiguity. The main character finally fulfills his dream and comes to Murray’s show. But the end of the story is extremely unpredictable. A fun show turns into bloody drama when the Joker kills the host.

After that, chaos begins in the city. People strive to be free, just like their new idol – the Joker. The inhabitants put on a clown mask and begin to do cruel things, against which the hero dances, laughing with a tragically evil laugh. At the end of the film, the hero is in a psychiatric hospital. There he sees his young mother and a psychiatrist, and then walks down a long corridor, performing his legendary laugh.

Thus, the meaning of the Joker movie is to show the viewer how rotten modern society is. Everyone strives to satisfy their needs, only he himself is important to each person. People do not seek to help others and do something for nothing, they put on clown masks and pretend that everything is in order.

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