Lost Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The series “Lost” tells about the fate of the passengers of the liner, who miraculously survived on a mysterious island. In each series, mysterious and fantastic stories happen to them, the real explanation of which we do not find until the very end. And something will remain unclear – even after the final series. The script also tells about the past life of the characters, about how this past, in the end, led them to the island. There is also a story about events that occurred three years after the main ones.

History of survivors

There are several main mystical motives. Firstly, it is a mysterious “monster” whose roar we hear from time to time, and it brings the main characters to paranoia. Also on the island there are some “others” – they live there and also threaten the lives of the “lost”. Then a mysterious organization, the Dharma Initiative, appears, supposedly scientific. But even by the end of the season, we will not know anything concrete about this corporation. And finally, we are captured by a mysterious sequence of numbers that affects the fate of the heroes.

It is impossible to list all the intrigues of the series, all its mysterious plot moves and incredible stories in any review. In addition, the scriptwriters ended each episode with some kind of sudden plot twist so that it was impossible to tear oneself away, everyone was waiting for the continuation with impatience and excitement.

The main roles in the series were invited to unknown actors, however, the casting turned out to be excellent – the images turned out to be incredibly charismatic. The leader of the survivors, Jack Sheppard, in ordinary life was a surgeon. Another character, John Locke, will make someone think of the philosopher Locke, and this is not a random roll call. Before the disaster, he was the most ordinary person, an outright loser. But here, on the island, the scale of his personality grows and reveals itself in full force. Sawyer is a swindler, without him the plot would not have been so famously twisted. And finally, the Amazon Kate Austen, “freckle”. The list, as you know, is more than incomplete. The series is inhabited by many bright and passing personalities, but the most mysterious of them will remain “black smoke”.

The mystery of the series and the meaning of the film Lost

But back to the mystery of the series, which is all one big mystery. Rather, to the interpretation of its true meaning. Obviously, the plane crash and the mysterious island are powerful metaphors. A modern person, an inhabitant of the “consumer stable”, a world in which a rather wretched, fettering order reigns, cannot be himself, reveal his personality in all its fullness and diversity, until fate itself, a catastrophe, rips him out of this little world.

This is exactly what happens to the characters in the film, who did not manage to find either the fullness of human existence, or their true love in a past life. Here, on the island, they seem to work off debts and damned questions of the past in order to get through to their own soul and see life as it is.

It’s just that all this is not happening in reality. The island is not a parallel life, not a place to run away to. The island is a metaphor for purgatory. The heroes did not survive the car accident, in fact, they died, and all that we see next is the wanderings of personified souls, their searches, their torments and trials on the way to themselves.

And here it is especially important to understand the final episode, in which Jack meets his father, who has long since died. A dialogue takes place between them, Jack is surprised that his father is nearby, although he died, he definitely knows this. The father replies that yes, he died, but all this is real – and he is real, and the events, and the son. Only this is the PRESENT of another, spiritual world.

The last meeting of the heroes takes place in the church, each, finally, stands next to his true destiny, his destined half. Their hearts are filled, the wanderings of lonely souls are completed, love, impossible on earth because of the haze of reality, has come true.

Moreover, in season 5, the writers show us how the meaningless and miserable life of all these people could have continued if they returned to the ordinary world, did not die in a plane crash. It would seem that here it was necessary to end the series – the return and gaining reality. But the writers take an unexpected turn, and we see season #6 – and not only because it was necessary to monetize and continue the success of the series. Obviously, the complex idea was in the script from the beginning. The top six find themselves on the plane again and return to the island.

The true meaning of “Lost” still causes heated discussions, many insist that everything we saw is just fantasy in the heads of the characters, nothing more. However, it is the last episode in the church that must be considered the key to all meanings and subtexts. You can’t ignore it if you want to understand the idea, the true meaning of Lost, the most expensive show in television history at the time. And the most exciting.

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