Everything Wrong With Interstellar By Scientists

The film was released in 2014 and immediately gained universal love. The work of Christopher Nolan, one of the most famous directors of our time, was warmly received by critics – received prestigious awards, including the Oscar for visual effects and the Saturn Award for Best Director and Soundtrack. He is praised by both scientists, for his excellent illustration of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, and the audience. The film quickly became a modern science fiction classic.

What is the movie Interstellar about?

The action takes place on Earth, sometime in the not too distant future. The planet does not seem to want to tolerate the presence of people – crops are dying, until only corn remains from the entire spectrum of agricultural crops, dirt and dust are everywhere, so much so that few people go out without masks. The most sought-after and prestigious profession is a farmer, and the main character retrained in them, since the profession of an engineer, and even more so a pilot, ceased to exist. Humanity is watching its decline, the next generation will probably be the last. And one day, Murph Cooper, the daughter of the pilot Cooper, tells her father about a ghost that has settled in his room. Cooper invites her to approach the issue from the position of a scientist and keep notes. And then in the gravity trick of the authorship of this “ghost” he recognizes the binary code, which is the coordinates of the secret space base. Arriving there, Cooper learns from old acquaintances that the only chance for mankind to be saved is to leave the Earth. Three astronauts were sent through a wormhole to a distant galaxy and found a new potential home there – each on their own planet. The next mission is to check their information and start building a base for the remnants of people. With an unfortunate set of circumstances, the astronauts must establish a colony with the help of a cargo of fertilized eggs – the only chance for mankind to survive as a species. The mission needs an experienced pilot, and Cooper, wanting to save the children from starvation and suffocation, agrees. So begins a long journey in search of a new home.

The meaning of the movie Interstellar

The film has many meanings, as well as the questions it reflects on. The question of self-sacrifice is repeatedly raised – Cooper sacrifices his life with loved ones to save them, three astronauts sacrifice theirs because they fly into the unknown and will be forced to wait for rescue in cryosleep, and this salvation may not come to them. Professor Brand, the mastermind behind the mission, knows that it is impossible to find a solution to the equation, without which it is impossible to transport people to a new home, without data that cannot be found, because they are in a black hole, that is, beyond the event horizon, from where even light does not return, what to say about the radio signal. He sacrifices his life, pretending to seek a solution, and the lives of others, hoping only to save humanity as a species.

The question of cowardice is also raised, which is closely related to the question “Can a person live alone?” They are considered on the example of Dr. Mann, who was ready to die on an expedition, but could not stand the loneliness. He endured, worked and explored the planet on which he landed, but then gave up and forged data on the suitability of this planet for life, so that an expedition would fly in for him. “Can you blame him for that?” the film asks the viewer.

Interesting and reasoning about love. One of the crew members – Amelia Brand loves Dr. Wolf Edmonds, one of those who went to explore the planets. When it turns out that of the planets of Mann and Edmonds, there is an opportunity to visit only one, and, therefore, it may happen that Amelia will never see Dr. Edmonds, she insists on his planet, saying that after the failure with the first planet, do not feelings can you believe if she, being at a point so far away from him that even time flows differently, feels a connection with him? At the end, it turns out that Wolf’s planet, which they did not fly to at the beginning, turned out to be the only one suitable for life. Yes, and the pilot Cooper himself says that love is a tangible value that passes through time and distance, being a gift to mankind.

The film does not leave aside the global problems of mankind, asking “What to do when the resources of the Earth run out? When will we bring the planet to the point where it will be impossible to live on it?

In addition, the film clearly explains the theory of relativity, the event horizon in a black hole, and the existence of more than three dimensions.

The meaning of the ending of the movie Interstellar

At the end of the film, it turns out that the mysterious “they” who were credited with helping in the mission – the appearance of an artificially created wormhole, the actions of the ghost with whom Murph communicated – are not a more developed civilization, but people from the future who managed to conquer five dimensions with the help of gravity. And the ghost was Cooper himself, who tried to reach out to himself and his daughter in the past, thus prompting Murph with the data missing to solve the equation. Mankind is preparing to move to the planet of Edmonds, who, alas, died, and is still at the station near Saturn, which was named Cooper.

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