In the Tall Grass Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The meaning of the movie In the Tall Grass (2019). Vincenzo Natali, a Canadian director, has long nurtured the idea of ​​filming a novel by the great horror king Stephen King and his son Joe Hill. He managed to recreate an ominous atmosphere of fear and panic. The author of the script showed a mystical space, which is limited by frightening frames. But what is the true meaning of the movie “In the Tall Grass”? What is this horror movie about?

What is “In the Tall Grass” about?

Cal and a pregnant Becky travel by car. Suddenly, the brother and sister stopped at the curb and heard the heart-rending cry of the boy. The sound came from a nearby field. There was clearly someone in the thickets of tall grass. Cal and Becky saw a boy who informed them that he and his parents were lost in this field. Tobin was very excited.

Traveling heroes volunteered to help the boy and his parents. Cal and Becky are held hostage by a sinister force. They were in mysterious captivity. The characters lost their orientation in space, they moved away from each other. But now how do they get out of a strange place? They roam the field like a maze. Completely cut off from civilization, the heroes cannot find a path that would lead them out of the thickets of tall grass.

Cal and Becky are in a panic. They were already desperate to get out alive from a terrifying place. At the same time, more and more new characters come from somewhere. Soon, the heroes received information that there was a giant stone in the center of the strange place. It is he who feeds the field and does not allow young people to leave the thickets. This place has great mystical power. But where did this mysterious black boulder come from? It is directly connected with the nearby abandoned church.

The meaning of the film “In the tall grass”

Tall grass manipulates not only people, but also space and time. Thickets tighten the heroes further and further. The characters who entered the sinister field found themselves in a death trap. People are trying to find each other. They scream, call, but all in vain.

Heroes are under the power of a time cycle. Characters die over and over again. But how to get out of a terrifying place? Why do the heroes only move away from the saving road? The last hope of the heroes is a mysterious black stone. A giant boulder is located in the heart of the mystical field. If the characters in the film can touch this stone, they will have a chance to be freed.

The giant boulder is endowed with impressive strength. He can show the heroes the right way, how to leave the thickets of tall grass. However, he will do everything in such a way that the characters will not even think about doing it.

The film “In the Tall Grass” plunges the viewer into strange double thoughts. Branching realities, the fate of man, which depends on the magical black stone. Why does someone manage to leave the sinister place, and someone remains forever its prisoner?

Cars that were left at the abandoned church were covered with a significant layer of dust. People don’t come back from another reality. They will never return. Jokes eventually end very badly.

The locals worship the field. They make sacrifices to him, they admire him. Many believe that the image of the field is associated with time. He is loved and feared at the same time. And life is given to everyone for a while. Most importantly, try not to miss it. It’s like playing with fire. One wrong step and there’s nothing to fix. A huge mysterious boulder has been collecting and saving its victims for several millennia. If a person gives up, gives up, despairs, then he has a direct road to this frightening field.

The meaning of the finale of the film “In the tall grass”

After watching the film, most viewers were left with the main question, which is, was Travis able to free himself from the thickets of tall grass, breaking the time loop in the process? Also, many horror fans are interested in the fate of Ross and Natalie, the boy’s parents.

The final events of the film. The sinister tall grass engulfs the dying Travis. The hero was never able to cope with the time cycles. The killer machine is back on.

However, there is another point of view. Initially, Travis had no intention of going after the pregnant Becky and her brother Cal. But the heroes disappeared without a trace for two whole months. This can only mean one thing. It is not excluded the existence of an additional version of Travis, which is located directly at home.

Perhaps the hero not only lives among us, but at the same time is lost in thickets of tall grass. Ross and Natalie Humboldt were the first people to become hostages of the mystical field. They had an unhindered entrance to the thicket, no one prevented them from crossing a strange place from which there was no way out. Therefore, Ross and Natalie remained victims of the mysterious thickets of tall grass forever.

The director does not give specific answers to the questions that arise. The ending was left open. But what is the meaning of the finale? It is not always necessary to follow the crowd, the voices of others who are outside your social circle. The image of tall grass shows how distant people can be from each other. Everyone has their own problems and trials. And only the person himself must overcome all the hardships of fate. And certainly with a proudly raised head, following the call of the heart.

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