The Impossible Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The meaning of the movie The Impossible.The theme of a disaster in cinema is very popular, it is usually used to show the possible consequences of the thoughtlessness of human actions with nature, disrespect for its laws (films are environmental or space disasters). Or, put the hero in a confrontation with the elements in order to show the viewer all the inner strength of human mental and physical resources in a stressful situation. The film “The Impossible” belongs to the second category. In fact, the title already reveals what the film is about – you need to do the impossible in order to overcome everything and survive.

What is the movie The Impossible about?

The main characters of the film are an ordinary Spanish family, quite prosperous, but not particularly outstanding. The Bennets (Maria and Henry) are raising three children, restless boys of different ages.

The man owns his own business, and his wife is in medicine, she is a good doctor. Naturally, people of such professions devote a lot of time to work, so they decide not just to spend the Christmas weekend together, but to turn it into a real little adventure – the whole family goes on holidays in Thailand.

The family books a hotel room, but by chance they are settled in a separate bungalow. The bungalow has a private pool, all possible amenities. Christmas is going great, this is exactly the holiday that the family needed, which can not spend much time together: the Bennets give each other nice gifts, launch lanterns into the sky and make a wish. The Bennets rightfully recognized this Christmas night as one of the best of their lives.

The next morning was also very good: Maria was finally able to read in peace, soaking up the sun in a sun lounger, while her husband bathed with the younger children in the pool.

What follows is an instantaneous and fateful event. A gigantic wall of water suddenly rolls in from the sea, not even sunlight is visible. The first to notice the impending danger is the father of the family, Henry. He runs to warn his family, but only manages to catch his two younger sons, with whom he was in the pool. The man miraculously saves them, but a huge wave, sweeping away everything in its path, separates him from the rest of the Bennets, from his wife and eldest son.

The destructive power of the wave is shown in the film very clearly, the director devotes a significant proportion of his time and budget to it. It is shown how plants, buildings are swept away, animals and even people die.

Bennett and his sons are carried by the wave, but the man tries not to lose sight of Thomas and Simon. Maria, on the other hand, suffered the most – her wave was driven deep under the water, the woman got out only thanks to her incredible will to live. As soon as the woman swam out, found something to cling to, she began to look for her eldest son. She saw how the guy was carried by the current and, overcoming the pain from her injuries (very serious), rushed to save her child. A significant part of the film is devoted to how Maria fights for the life of her son, trying to get to land.

The big test for Maria and Lucas was that they didn’t know if other members of their family had survived. Having reached the hospital, which was heavily overcrowded with victims of the tsunami, the heroes rushed to look for them, but did not find them.

As a result, the family was reunited, everyone turned out to be alive, but only Maria suffered seriously, who had to do the impossible, saving her life, and most importantly the life of her son.

The meaning of the movie The Impossible

The meaning of the film, first of all, is to overcome. It is not for nothing that the main character during the disaster is Maria, a physically weak woman, although initially the entire Bennet family was represented equally.

The film shows that, no matter how physically developed a person is and believes in his own strength, in moments of emergency, when it comes to not only his own life, but also the life of dear people, everyone is capable of such a transformation. Miraculously, Maria surpassed herself, showing amazing resilience and the will to live (as, in fact, the entire Bennet family. It was the will to live and the desire to save each other, and not just herself, that allowed the whole family to survive).

The meaning of the ending The Impossible

The Bennet family is shown after the tragedy. Maria needs treatment because she is seriously injured, so the insurance company agrees to pay for the woman’s treatment in Singapore.

The meaning of the ending is much more complicated than you might think. This is not a classic happy ending – Maria will have to go to a city where earthquakes and tsunamis occur very often with a huge number of victims. The scriptwriters hint that the test in Thailand was not the last in her life.

The film ends with the insurance company deciding to send Maria for treatment, accompanied by her loved ones, to Singapore.

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