Hippopotamus Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Finding an exciting and interesting movie to watch is sometimes difficult. After all, today a great many paintings with different plots, in various genres and with all sorts of meanings are presented to the audience. However, the film of the famous director Edward A. Palmer Hippopotamus can be safely called an option for those who are interested in everything unusual and even strange. After all, the picture was shot extremely extraordinary, the game of the main characters can unsettle the unprepared viewer. But still, the film Hippopotamus, filmed in the genre of a chamber thriller with a tense plot, will captivate from the very first frames and will not “let go” until the very end of the viewing.

Some information about the movie

From the first minutes of viewing the work Hippopotamus captivates and creates a certain impression on the viewer. However, the British incomprehensible thriller picture is full of deeply hidden meaning. As the plot develops, the subtext is revealed, and the romance familiar in our understanding becomes different from what we usually perceive it to be.

The idea of ​​the film is original, and since the film is based on the works of Stephen Fry, one can immediately assume the lack of simplicity in understanding its true meaning. A feature of Hippopotamus can be called an organic combination in it of purely English, characteristic humor, the original and brilliant language of the characters with an excellent play by the cast.

Since the basis of the picture was the works of Stephen Fry, the most unexpected impressions can be expected from viewing for a reason. After all, Fry is rightfully considered a real British super-hero, the Man-Irony, and his ability to clearly highlight the features and character of the main characters made it possible to present the film to the audience in the most extraordinary way.

Painting genre

Attributing Edward Palmer’s Hippopotamus to a particular genre is not easy. After all, it has a lot from a thriller, but not a standard thriller, but an unusual one. There are features of comedy, but more of a black comedy, where the humor has some flavor. And also the film can be easily attributed to the original and lightest farce, in which the main themes are the noble estate, intimate relations, alcoholism and a midlife crisis.

Such an extraordinary combination makes it possible to call the picture Hippopotamus especially interesting and providing many of the most unexpected emotions for the viewer.

What does the name say

Hippopotamus is a somewhat unexpected title for a feature film shot in the style of a chamber thriller. But from the very first frames, the viewer understands which of the characters is meant in the image of such an animal: the protagonist Ted, who, while taking a bath, behaves like this large and seemingly gentle predator. He slowly plunges into the water, snorts and spins his ears almost tangibly.

It’s lucky that Ted isn’t like a hippo in other ways: he doesn’t twirl his tail wildly to scatter his own droppings as far as possible. But after leaving the bathroom, the main character does exactly that (only in a figurative sense), because he is full of sarcasm and waters the people around him with negativity, criticism and sophisticated cynicism.

Storyline of the painting

Ted Wallace, just 15 years ago, was able to create lines of unprecedented penetration, his prospect was to be next to the immortal works of Shakespeare. The inability to communicate with people and friendship with alcohol have done their job, and Wallace has no choice but to write poisonous reviews of mediocre works and theatrical productions.

Soon, Ted is thrown out of his next job, and his goddaughter’s intervention saved him. The girl met a miracle on her life path: she managed to recover from cancer, and this happened on the estate of Wallace’s friend, Lord Logan. The goddaughter, preoccupied with the deplorable state of Wallace, offers an interesting option: for a decent reward, describe the wonderful opportunities that seem to be inherent in the youngest son of the lord. Thus, the publicist would improve his plight and introduce millions of people to the gift of the child.

But even here, Ted shows his skills in full glory with the dexterity and grace of an elephant in a china shop to destroy absolutely everything …

What will be of particular interest to the viewer

Watching the film Hippopotamus will give the viewer an excellent opportunity to appreciate the art and talent of the brilliant English playwright Fry. Although his life views differed in many respects from the generally accepted ones, the works that came out from the author’s pen were striking in their wit and sophistication of the story.

Written in 1944, the book Hippopotamus has recently appeared on the wide screen, which seems strange. After all, the undoubted talent of the author, the unique atmosphere of the English suburb of that time and the elegant storyline immediately capture the reader and viewer, forcing them not to be distracted for a minute until the very end. The 2018 film Hippopotamus is a purely British comedy. It organically intersects the description of a prim English family, a bright and extraordinary protagonist and the atmosphere that instantly takes the viewer to the epicenter of the unfolding events.

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