The Fountain Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The feature film-parable “The Fountain” is a fascinating story about love and devotion. The magical play of the actors, the heartfelt script evoke touching and sincere feelings among the audience. What is the true meaning of the film “The Fountain”? What was the main idea that the director of the film, Darren Aronofsky, wanted to convey to the audience?

What is The Fountain about?

Despite her young age, Izzy Creo has a terrible disease. The girl was diagnosed with a progressive brain tumor. Izzy’s husband, an oncologist, is trying in every way to help his beloved wife. For the sake of achieving the cherished result, Tom even neglects communication with the heroine. All his forces are directed to the invention of a miraculous medicine. He hopes that with the help of an extract of a tree from Central America, he will save his wife.

Izzy has one request for Tom. The girl hopes that her husband will be able to finish her book “The Source”, in which she symbolically talks about her illness, as about an inquisitor whose goal is to enslave medieval Spain. The mythical Tree of Life is the only salvation in the work of the heroine. Tom got Izzy’s manuscript. He read it in the hospital the night before his wife’s death.

Several times throughout the film, Tom sees a strange dream: the hero finds himself on a dying star along with a capsule with the Tree of Life. Over time, the oncologist realizes that some episodes of this mysterious dream coincide with the real events of his life.

Initially, Tom doesn’t understand how he should end Izzy’s book. However, the hero remembers that this is his last promise to his wife. In a strange dream, Tom suddenly realized that eternal life is not possible for an individual. In the process of his reflections, the oncologist guessed what kind of ending his wife’s work should have. After much deliberation, Tom is finishing the book by Izzy Creo.

The meaning of the film “The Fountain”

Love. A sincere and tender feeling that can work wonders. When you experience strong emotions in relation to another person, the rest of the world ceases to exist for you. There is only you and him. It is for the sake of this feeling that one wants to live, create, develop. A whole eternity converges in one moment next to the necessary person.

The film “Fountain” is difficult to understand. It is important to feel this film. Heroes are waiting for the inevitable terrible grief. They both understand that the outcome is the same. In pursuit of ghostly salvation, Tom neglected the most precious thing – the last minutes of communication with his beloved wife. He was looking for ways that would help the heroine get better. Did he himself believe in this miracle cure? Or, as an oncologist, did he understand the inevitability of the situation? “Do not part with your loved ones.” This statement runs throughout the film.

The tragic tender story “Fountain” focuses on the most important aspects of our lives. When a loved one leaves, eternal life no longer has any meaning. But what is death? What awaits everyone after earthly life? Is it worth attaching great importance to mortal existence? It is to these questions that each viewer will find answers for himself in the film “The Fountain”.

What will happen to humanity if, nevertheless, it is possible to find the elixir of eternal life? And is he needed? Many seek to find it only because they are afraid of the unknown. After all, no one knows what awaits a person after death. Because of the unknown, the unknown, people begin to fantasize. Imagination is limitless. Everything that is not known for certain causes a lot of discussion and controversy. The meaning of the film “Fountain” is to try to answer the eternal questions that concern many. Moreover, there are no answers in the film. The viewer, comprehending what is happening on the screen, draws independent conclusions.

The film “Fountain” is not only a story about the search for eternal life. This is a film about human relationships. This picture shows sincerity, devotion and incredible love. The care, warmth, kindness of the spouses are amazing. Deep feelings do not leave a person, even when he loses a loved one. Emotional relationships deserve special attention. This is what every family should be built on. Only in this way will a person find his happiness.

A person is immortal as long as the memory of him is alive. The Tree of Life is the personification of man. Izzy made such a discovery for herself. That is why she was not afraid of death at all. Human life is very fragile, however, his soul is boundless. Don’t be afraid of the inevitable. Perhaps this is just the next stage of our development.

The meaning of the ending of the film “The Fountain”

The director of the film “The Fountain” tried to show his view of “eternal” life. However, there are no unequivocal answers to the questions posed in the film. One thing is for sure, that without love there is no happiness. With the help of a bright sincere feeling, our life is filled with meaning. Without love, our path is doomed to a dull miserable existence.

The meaning of the finale of the film “The Fountain” is that everything is mortal in our world. Day follows night, seasons change. Nobody and nothing is forever. Our existence is a series of rebirth and death. Everything is cyclical. The search for eternal life does not make any sense. Love rules the World. Only for the sake of it is it worth living, because this is true human happiness.

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