The meaning of the movie Forrest Gump 1994

In 1994, Zemeckis filmed Groom’s novel Forrest Gump. The picture brought the film crew many awards, officially became a cult, but not every viewer will immediately answer the question of what the Forrest Gump film is about.

What is Forrest Gump about?

Eccentric Forrest lives with his mother in the American outback. Low IQ, peer ridicule, unpopularity with girls do not prevent the guy from remaining kind, sympathetic, albeit slightly inhibited. Overcoming everyday difficulties, the hero of Tom Hanks (it is he who plays Gump) gradually becomes successful, rich and loved. Why not the Great American Dream? In addition, the main character (to enhance the effect) is a mentally retarded outcast. The meaning of the film is more ambiguous and deep than it seems at first glance.

School years are replaced by studies at the university, where Forrest is accepted for his excellent sports data. The guy runs so fast that it is even played up with the slogan “Run, Forrest! “. The protagonist’s run is equivalent to the verb “act”: all overcomings, hardships, stresses are run through. And this vivid metaphor characterizes Forrest as an active, cheerful person who honestly does his job without whining and squabbling.

This is followed by the Vietnam War, where Gump again positively noted, receiving an award for saving his comrades. And finally – career growth associated with catching shrimp. Parallel to the main plot, there is a love line, where the main character, as in everything, acts patiently, without malice, cordially. Forrest Jenny’s sweetheart throughout the film does not differ in exemplary behavior, but by the final part of the picture, she herself seems to be brightened by Gump’s inner light. Nothing in the film is random. And even the feather that hovered at the beginning reappears at the end, as a symbolic meaning of the ending.

Here you will not find dirty jokes, vulgarity, stupid antics. This is because the viewer watches the movie through the eyes of the protagonist: Forrest is kind, truthful, open, and most importantly, loving. Sincere love for the people you meet, interest in what is happening are noticeable in the first dialogues of the picture. The comprehensive success of the protagonist, as it were, is emphasized by the common truth “and now these three remain: faith, hope, love; but love is the greater of them” (1 Corinthians 13:13).

The Meaning of Forrest Gump

Six Oscars won’t say what the film is about, but they will reflect its popularity and resonance. The story of Forrest Gump is textbook, dear to everyone, and therefore intoxicatingly close.

The main character is sincere with everyone to the end: he is a devoted friend; truly loving husband; faithful to the end to the work in which he is engaged. Forrest lives by the principle of “do as you must and come what may” and this, perhaps, is the main point of the film. The “underdeveloped” Gump teaches us, “full” people, humility, love, mercy – everything that is so unsteady and ephemeral in our world.

The subtext of the picture is added by the interweaving of storylines: a small man in the history of a large state. The meaning of the ending is seen from an unexpected angle. Forrest met with several American presidents, Elvis Presley, Lennon, indirectly participated in the life of Apple – it seems that the main character influenced the course of history. Although the situation is somewhat exaggerated, however, using its example, the director refers to the theme of the “little man”: each of us is important, everyone can contribute to history.

Meaning of Forrest Gump’s ending

A light feather loops the plot, appearing at the beginning of the film and before the final credits.

There are several meanings here. The first thing that catches your eye is a large number of historical characters. Communication with the still little-known pop king Elvis Presley, writing music with John Lennon, receiving an award from the hands of the beloved American President Kennedy – Forrest communicates easily and naturally with each cult personality. The protagonist glides like a weightless feather through decades of American history, always leaving a positive mark. The author of the book and director diligently emphasizes precisely the side of the positive: people and events on the life path of Forrest Gump are changing. And even serving in Vietnam here is a bloodless war. Perhaps there would be no wars at all if every “little person” lived like Forrest – not embittered, empathetic, loving.

Forrest Gump is an extraordinary person not for his achievements, victories or mental abilities. Forrest is a genius in his attitude to people and life. He does not dwell on resentment and defeat. When he feels bad, he does not undertake to scold the government, neighbors or relatives. The main character breaks into a run – that is, he simply begins to act. He himself takes responsibility for his life and his problems. Kind, open, sacrificial Forrest is our inner man, from whom we have departed since the fall. And now we are looking for him as eternal wanderers, sometimes finding him in the illusory world of cinema.

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