Fight Club Review: What Does the Ending of Mean?

The meaning of the movie Fight Club: explanation of the plot & ending. The meaning of the film “Fight Club” is the search for the image of a real man, in demand by time. The film directed by David Fincher starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton was released in 1999. The problem of lack of proper courage, will, firmness of character found an original reflection in the film.

Description of the story

The movie Fight Club is based on the lifestyle of an insurance consultant for a car manufacturing company. On duty, the hero of the film is constantly on business trips. The momentum does not leave time for friends, entertainment, personal life, himself.

High earnings allow you to furnish an apartment expensively, with taste, at will. It’s not fun. The nameless narrator tells the viewer the story that happened to him.

How it all started

Under the moral onslaught of insured events through the fault of the protagonist’s company, anxiety covers. Daily overexcitation leads to insomnia. The condition is getting worse. The clerk is not able to keep the situation under control. Tired, exhausted, he goes to the doctor. However, there is no diagnosis of “weak-willedness”. The doctor recommends looking at those who are really sick.

Among the unfortunate

Finding himself among people who are much worse, the narrator feels a temporary surge of strength, seeming happiness. This is due to the emerging stability. The hero acquires a constant circle of friends, does not miss a single meeting. The already weak-willed, indecisive man becomes even softer. The insomnia continues, confusing reality with dreams, hallucinations.

Interesting! For filming in the film, Norton ate little, deliberately lacked sleep. This allowed the actor to lose almost 10 kilograms and look like his character on the set.

En route meeting

In the cabin of the aircraft, the narrator meets the “real” interlocutor. With such a long time wanted to communicate. Such a friend was never enough. He is wonderful:

  • happy;
  • vigorous;
  • beautiful;
  • sports;
  • uninhibited;
  • like women.

Tyler Durden is a rebel, the complete opposite of the main character, who is rapidly gaining trust. To the admiration of the narrator, a new acquaintance is engaged in soap making.

Tyler World

The group begins to visit a new member – a young woman. The stranger attracts the attention of the hero. Later it turns out: the narrator does not know how to deal with the opposite sex. After a mysterious explosion in the apartment, Norton’s hero is forced to go to an old acquaintance – a fellow traveler from the plane. After dinner at a bar, in a deserted parking lot, the two heroes got into a clumsy brawl for fun. Tyler was the first to ask to hit him with all his might.

Interesting! In the parking lot scene, Norton gives Pitt a real punch. The actor’s response words are pure improvisation, unaccounted for by the script, caused by a natural reaction to pain.

Who does she love?

A new acquaintance – Marla makes an attempt to commit suicide. The girl calls, informs the main character about this. Tyler picks up the phone. After listening to Marla, the young man arrives, listens to her, takes her home. Tyler begins an affair with a new girlfriend. But the girl shows genuine interest in the narrator of this story. Meanwhile, the fight club is replenished with new members. Fights take place regularly.

Interesting! During the filming of the film, both actors were seriously engaged in boxing and taekwondo. Therefore, in the fight scenes, the blows look natural.

Ending and hidden meaning

How the movie “Fight Club” ended will only be understood by an attentive viewer. Over the course of the film, the director gives more reason to doubt Tyler’s real existence. But categorically does not insist on its absence.

A tool for exploits

Tyler helps a humble clerk realize audacious plans by realizing hidden dreams.

  • Express protest to the consumer society.

High income, the pursuit of brands, self-sufficiency destroy a person.

  • Create a fight club for weak-willed men.

Fists help to show true masculine strength, to mobilize forces to fight back.

  • Develop the “Destruction” project.

The beginning of the project was the blowing up of his own apartment. According to the main characters, violence, the destruction of everything material is the only way to freedom, happiness.

  • Sleep with Marla.

The hero would never decide on a relationship with a woman, moreover, without obligations.

Complete release

The meaning of the ending of the film “Fight Club” is the gradual liberation of the narrator from the shackles, imaginary and real. By the end of the story, the hero concentrates on his own person. The development of events leads to the fact that Tyler himself becomes the main opponent of the narrator. It is necessary to get rid of the enemy in the most cruel way.

At the discretion of the viewer

The meaning of the film “Fight Club” – the search for a way out of the crisis. Even if the characters are, the events of the film are the fruit of the sick imagination of the narrator. According to one version, the director introduces Marla, members of the club, as fictional characters. At some point, the creator of the film questions the existence of the club as an organization, its network in the cities. But categorically does not deny their absence.

During these years, a number of films were made with the intention of protesting the existing consumer society. The ending of the film “Fight Club” conveys the completion of change through the buildings collapsing outside the window. The hero did everything he could. Not alone. With the help of an imaginary friend, mentor. What is the meaning of the movie “Fight Club” is easy to understand after a careful viewing.

Fight Club: A Warning For Men

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