Eraser Head Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film was written and directed by David Lynch. This is a kind of quality mark. David Lynch is rightfully the consummate master of horror films. The tape “Eraser Head” was created back in 1977. In his work, the filmmaker touched on topics that are relevant today. Yes, this film belongs to the horror genre. But through the veil of fear and horror, the viewer must consider the causes of a man-made disaster, the formation of a person as a person. However, not every viewer is ready to touch the works of such a plan. But this movie is a must see for everyone.

The meaning of the film “Eraserhead”

The metaphorical film is thoroughly saturated with secret symbols and epithets. Unraveling the author’s idea is not so easy. The characters are faced with a difficult test. Mutant child. Someone? How to feed him, raise him, how to take care of him? Too many questions. Parents try to find an approach to the child by trial and error. They put in too much effort. At some point, it seems that the forces are already running out. The main characters dedicated themselves to this mutant child. Who needed such a sacrifice?

The meaning of the film “Eraserhead” is that every parent who is dissatisfied with the behavior of his children sees himself in the film. Often life after the birth of a baby is completely turned upside down, existence turns into a routine. This is a kind of cross for parents, which they must carry until the end of their days. Raising children is not only joy, happiness, but also colossal work. Some parents spend all their time with their children, forgetting to pay attention to themselves.

In one of the episodes, the main character’s head explodes due to misunderstanding, accumulated problems. There was a boy nearby. The little character took the torn head to the factory to his dad. And no, it was not collected there. From the substance of the head, the worker made pencils. It’s like a missing element. An employee is testing a new product. Then he erases the writing with an eraser, the fibers from which sweep away from the table. Another metaphor. The director shows that a return to the past is impossible. A person cannot be in the same position before the birth of the baby, if he has already become a parent.

The main idea of ​​the film “Eraserhead” is that one should not “forget” about oneself after the birth of a baby. Despite all the difficulties. faced by parents, it is important to notice the beauty around, to enjoy the very process of education. This is a huge job that will definitely bear fruit.

The main character was in a difficult life situation. Nothing bad happens to him, but he exists as if by inertia. The problems that had befallen him broke him from the inside. He refuses to take responsibility for the life of a mutant child. He’s just tired. Both mentally and physically. But can he be blamed for it?

Explanation of the ending of the film “Eraserhead”

The film’s ending was left open. The viewer has the opportunity to speculate how the further life of the protagonist developed, whether he was able to cope with his emotional state. The life of the character seemed to be divided into two parts. On the one hand, he sees his charming neighbor. The heroine enjoys life. For Henry, this is a pipe dream. On the other hand, these are the worries and troubles that a mutant child gives the character. The hero stands at a crossroads, he cannot decide to take the next step.

Often people live according to the scheme home-work-home. Sometimes a little respite in the form of a vacation and then running in circles. The main character perceived the appearance of the child as a significant problem. Henry has no interests, no hobbies, no hobbies. He is busy with a child who takes away all his life energy. It is practically impossible to exist in such conditions. The character can’t stand it. He suddenly realized that he did not feel parental love towards the child. The hero decides to take a desperate step. He couldn’t do it any other way.

When parents are overwhelmed by unhappy thoughts, when children do not obey, and life has become a continuous routine, it is worth putting aside all business and watching the movie Eraserhead. Perhaps you will master only 10 minutes, but the desired effect will be obtained. The ending of the film is symbolic. The meaning of the ending is to make each viewer realize that life does not end with the advent of children. You should not constantly return thoughts to the past, where you lived without kids. It is worth taking responsibility for raising children, trying to raise them honest, open. kind people. But we should not forget about ourselves. There is only one life. What it will be depends solely on itself.

The appearance of a child was a test for the protagonist. He did not learn about this event immediately. However, he did not run away, did not leave the woman alone with the child in her arms. He faithfully performed his duties. But something went wrong. Initially, he did not even imagine what he would face. The motion picture “Head-Eraser” can be called life. Every parent faces problems and difficulties while raising children. It is important to find the right solution in any situation.

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