Divergent Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The youth film “Divergent” is a modern dystopia that will hook its audience with an interesting scenario. A picture about the future, in which the inhabitants of Chicago (a small piece of land that has preserved life in the center of radioactive deserts), who have reached a certain age (16 years old), must decide on their attitude to the environment. Girls and guys pass a certain test that shows their inclinations and already on the basis of them they choose one of the factions (a kind of tribe) in which they will live the rest of their lives: Fearlessness, Erudite, Renunciation, Friendliness and Sincerity.

The people of the factions surrounded their living space with a wall, protecting themselves from the radioactive outside world.

The main character of the film is sixteen-year-old Beatrice, who lives with her family in the Abnegation Faction. It’s time for her to choose a new community. The girl passes the test, which shows that she is universal. Such factions in society are called Divergent. The girl who administered the test decides to hide it from the management and enters the correct answers to the tests, and Tris recommends saying that the test failed and escorting her out the back door. Beatrice later nevertheless decides on a faction and finds herself in a society of the fearless.

The storyline itself is constructed in such a way that in almost every scene a mockery of the actions of the leadership is shown, which is trying to imprison each person under a certain template. Beatrice turned out to be a teenager who is stronger than a representative of any faction, as her powers are evenly developed. Such people are more difficult for factions to manage, so they are considered a “marriage”. Such teenagers become hermits, they are expelled from the “normal environment” of habitat created on the new Earth. On the other hand, the whole film (consisting of several parts) makes you think about the events of real life that happen to every viewer, especially young people.

The picture is full of heroism, dedication and love. The meaning is clearly traced: “The problem of choice: me or close people.” The fear of losing a loved one, the selfless desire to save him, rushing into the thick of it – the choice of the heroine. But what each of the spectators would choose remains a mystery. In the film, you can see both sides, including the one where, at the cost of someone else’s life, you stay alive. For this you feel remorse, but to change something, to rewind time back – nothing can be done.

In the film, you can see the subtext of a large number of issues that are inherent in adolescence. The constant struggle with oneself leads to the fact that it is necessary to constantly make a choice somehow.

Teenagers who have watched or will watch this trilogy bring a parallel of themselves and one of the characters. Some will see themselves in Beatrice, who struggles with her inner fears, and tries to defeat evil. Others will compare themselves to one of the leaders of the Erudite faction, Janine, who seeks to gain power by taking it away from another community. But every time she makes mistakes. On the one hand, Janine will evoke sympathy, and on the other hand, anger. Four is another character that will evoke emotion in the teenage viewer. According to the plot, the guy is a trainer in the Fearless faction, where Beatrice ends up at the beginning.

On the one hand, Four (Tobias Eaton) is a tough, temperamental, brave, slightly dangerous guy. But on the other hand, its complete opposite opens up: the nature of a person who is ready to go through “fire, and water, and copper pipes” in order to save loved ones. At first, he and Tris behaved coldly, but later their relationship became soft and sensual.

Despite the deep intention of the directors to show a different meaning of the fight against evil. Yet the film remained unfinished. The essence of the new life of The Divergent after the war with the council that manages the factions, which after the destruction of David’s idea, is not fully disclosed.

The final meaning of the film “Divergent” was the unification of the entire city, which until then consisted of factions opposing each other. It is easier to fight a common enemy by joint efforts than separately, in small groups or alone. This also applies to other things that benefit everyone, and not separately for one person.

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