Filth Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The film Filth appeared on the screens in 2013. This film is the embodiment of the incredible and intriguing work of the Scottish writer Irvine Welsh. But what is this movie about? Did the director manage to convey the deep meaning of the film Filth to the audience?

What is the movie Filth about?

The main character is Bruce Robertson. He works as a police officer. The hero is serving in Scotland. Bruce has all the data to complete assignments efficiently and on time. In addition, the hero has a chance to show his skills and move up the career ladder. A management reorganization is planned ahead, and Bruce Robertson has the opportunity to fill the vacant position of detective inspector. A good incentive to express yourself. But for the sake of promotion, the hero will have to work hard.

Although Bruce can do quality work, he has slightly different interests and goals. Robbo (as his good-natured colleagues called him) is extremely corrupt. In addition, the hero abuses alcohol and drugs, which does not at all correspond to the image of a responsible law enforcement officer. It is also worth noting that the main hobby of the policeman is sex. He is ready to do it with anyone and anywhere.

Bruce’s wife left him. She left him with the child. The reason for this is the promiscuous and numerous sexual relations of the hero. Problems and difficulties piled on the policeman. However, the hero does not despair. Bruce plunged into work. He tries to solve the murder of a Japanese student. Over time, difficulties make themselves felt and Bruce begins to lose touch with reality. But will the hero manage to overcome a nervous breakdown and return to real life?

The meaning of the film Filth

What did the director want to say with the image of a corrupt Scottish cop? A bunch of bad habits, including cocaine abuse, promiscuity. The hero is under the influence of his weaknesses, which prevent the speedy disclosure of the case.

Throwing Bruce Robertson makes every person think about their lives. What are we spending it on? What are each person’s values ​​and priorities? Shouldn’t they be revisited after the film Filth?

The protagonist lost his family because of his vices. Has he become a happy person? The meaning of the film is that each viewer, looking at the experiences and desires of Bruce Robertson, looked at his life. What prevents us from achieving our goals? Why is the life of many more like a miserable existence? Laziness, unwillingness to put up with the shortcomings of others, internal weaknesses? How to remain human in the pursuit of material well-being?

The protagonist has undergone animal instincts. The significance of the family for him depreciated. Whether he chose the right path, each viewer decides for himself. This is the case when you can clearly see what happens to a person when he decides to live not according to the rules of society.

A police officer dreams of a long-awaited promotion. There is hope ahead that he will receive it. But just at what cost? Substituting your colleagues, reporting all their mistakes and failures to superiors? The meaning of the film Filth is not only about the life of a particular person. This film is about how not to behave in a team. No need to try to “go over the heads”, wanting to get a good position. You should not substitute others, attributing your shortcomings to them. Honesty and decency should be above all.

The meaning of the finale of the film Filth

The main character never received the coveted promotion. Why? It is impossible to achieve respect, promotion, substituting your colleagues, while attributing your weaknesses to them. Bruce Robertson could not stand the nervous breakdown, could not stand the problems that fell upon him. The hero committed the murder of a criminal. His bad habits became known to his colleagues. What is your opinion about him as an employee? With his actions and actions, he finally lost respect in the team.

Bruce Robertson led the wrong way of life. The end of his existence was bleak. Hallucinations from drug abuse, a huge amount of alcohol led to the fact that the hero committed suicide. When Bruce was completely disillusioned with life and decided to take a desperate step, he was completely confident in his actions. But there was a sudden knock on the door. It was a woman. Bruce Robertson saved her baby. The hero abruptly changed his mind about committing suicide, however, it was already too late.

What did the director want to say with such a finale of the film Filth? You can’t spend your days aimlessly, you can’t lead a wild life, you can’t pursue mercantile interests. You need to live with meaning. Each person who watches this film will definitely think about their plans, goals, priorities. Shouldn’t you rethink your values ​​before it’s too late? Life does not need to be “burnt” in bars, using drugs and alcohol. The main character initially had everything to become happy. However, he chose a different path and lost.

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