Mother! Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The meaning of the movie Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! 2017. Almost every work of the famous Darren Aronofsky has a deep philosophical connotation. Critics ambiguously perceive his view of the world, but the audience literally deify him. “This is not an art house – this is the meaning of being,” sounds from every fan of his work. And this is not surprising!

His last painting, entitled Mother!, carries a religious connotation and a peculiarity in the perception of the world. The film has already received mixed reviews, but this does not stop fans of “deep” cinema at all! Darren showed a typical character in typical circumstances, but the message of the work itself covers a great variety of modern and current issues.

What is the movie Mother! about?

All the action of the picture takes place in one house, located far from other settlements. The inhabitants of this house are Mother and He. You will never know the names. A man’s hand puts a crystal on a shelf, while the heroine wakes up from sleep. What is the connection between these events is not initially explained by the author.

The hero is a poet who suffers from a creative crisis. He does not know where to start his new work. The only thing that gives him any inspiration is that very crystal.

The mother does her best to take care of the house. She is trying to create a real paradise in it. It is noteworthy that a heartbeat is periodically heard in the house and blood smudges are visible.

And then at one moment a stranger comes to them, who appears to be a fan of the poet. He agrees that the guest should stay, although the Mother was absolutely against such a visit. Moreover, the operator makes a vivid emphasis on the fact that the guest has a scar similar to the one that remains after the removal of the rib.

Then the guest brings his children and wife to the house. On the first day, one son kills another. A wake is organized, guests fill the house, the floors crack and blood flows from them. Gradually it becomes more and more.Darren Aronofsky's mom

After a while, the Mother gives birth to a child, and He completes His creation. At the same moment, a disgruntled crowd breaks into the house and breaks the house. The mother gives birth, but the crowd carries away the newborn. They pass him from hand to hand, but accidentally bring him to death.

The Evil Mother destroys the house she took care of with a bomb. He finds her body and removes the crystal from her heart. And history repeats itself again.

Explanation of the meaning of the movie “Mama”

It’s time for us to tell you what the movie Mother! was about. We will give as an example a few theories that have found support about the fans of Darren Aronofsky’s work.

The destruction of nature by man

The most obvious explanation of the plot is the destruction of nature by man. In this case, Mother is mother nature, and the home is planet Earth. He is also a man. The mother maintains the house in order, repairs and takes care of the person. All this creates a kind of paradise. However, this works until greedy people break into the house.

The guest parasitizes the Earth more and more, spoils it, arranges wars. The planet is collapsing, as evidenced by bloody pools on the floor.

When Mother Nature gives a new life (a child), then people kill her. This outrages her and she destroys the planet, and a person tries to build a new suitable life from her remains.

By the way, this meaning of the film Mother! was supported by the author of the work himself. He stated this in one of his interviews. According to him, people treat their home planet cruelly and thereby kill it.

Connection with the Bible

There is also a version according to which He is God in the Old Testament. It requires complete submission. This God creates a house, after which nature itself (Mother) provides him with a quiet life. This is even evidenced by her phrase that the house is a personal paradise for her and her son.

The people who came are Adam and Eve. Moreover, it is worth noting that the man came first, and the girl appeared after he had a scar. The children are Cain and Abel. This also confirms the fact that one of them was killed by his brother.

The flooding with blood is a kind of global flood that should cleanse the planet. Here the story moves on to the birth of a child. According to the fans, this is Jesus, who must save the house. But it is destroyed by people, like Christ.

The explosion of the house is a real apocalypse, because it will destroy the planet, which God will have to create from scratch with the help of a crystal. And yes, the crystal is a word, because it was at first.

Music and creator

Also, one of the meanings of the film Mother! is the theory that He is the creator, not as God, but as a poet. His mother is his muse, who devotes herself entirely to him. She takes care of him, brings his home as a gift. It seemed like perfect harmony.

But it collapses when fans of his work come. The author receives such an amount of fame that he never dreamed of. He is popular and famous, and the muse remains on the sidelines. Even her opinion is ignored. As a result, the glory leaves, the house is destroyed, and the muse gives a part of herself in order to recreate the success of the author. She gives her heart, her sincere love.

The end also has a symbolic component. The new muse is played by another actress, this symbolizes the emergence of a new muse,

Toxic relationships in family and societyDarren Aronofsky's mom

This idea of ​​the film was strongly supported by representatives of the feminist movement. They think that He is a typical representative of the patriarchy. The mother is an infringed woman who obeys the regime. The man does not put her in anything, does not even ask for opinions before calling guests. She doesn’t even think about herself, she doesn’t dare to think.

This terrible position is not disputed by her, she simply accepts humiliation as a position. This symbolizes the established system in society. The end shows that it will not be able to exist for a long time, because the house (that is, society) is literally destroyed. And it is the woman who does this at the cost of her life. Such sacrifice once again shows the position of women in a patriarchal society.

Also in the film you can find a huge number of allusions to the fear of motherhood. She hears the house’s heartbeat, sees blood dripping from the floor. She is afraid of society’s condemnation, because the well-known phrase “the clock is ticking” scares her.

The film contains allusions to the terrible position of introverts in society. He is a bright representative of extraverted thinking, while the mother is introverted. Despite the request not to let people into the house, He does it anyway. This is how the world of the introvert collapses (as does the house, symbolizing the inner world).

How does the movie Mother! end?

You can see that the end of the film has a cyclical character. It ends and begins with the fact that He puts the crystal on the shelf and the Mother wakes up. She is new every time, but the man does not change. The destroyed House is being restored again. However, the cycle repeats over and over again. Based on this, it can be understood that the endings of all theories are fundamentally different.

If we take into account the relationship between man and nature, then we can understand that the ending means the purification of the world and its new creation by God. All the vices of society are destroyed along with this society. The planet is completely cleansed, allowing new life to be born. However, it is clear that it will become a real problem for the world and will be destroyed by the Creator. This cycle will repeat over and over again. The world will be destroyed millions of times, but each time it will rise from the ashes again in order to fall again.

Divine theory is somewhat similar to natural theory. Adam and Eve do not justify their creation, they betray God. For this, he sends them to the House. But even here they destroy everything that was erected by the creator. In fact, they reject the one who gave them absolutely everything. It is clear that God does not like such a life, so he destroys the whole world in order to create a new one. However, one can understand that this will not bring anything new, because life itself will betray him again and begin to destroy itself. This cycle will repeat itself indefinitely.

The patriarchal design implies that traditional relationships will sooner or later destroy society. Girls will rise up against the system that infringes on them as a person. They will stop being silent and afraid to defend their human rights. This will turn the “House” upside down. And after the battle for rights, a new society must arise, which will again oppress the “Mother!”.

Now you know what the movie Mother! is about! We hope you enjoyed our explanation of the film’s endings! Good luck!

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