Cube Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The Meaning Of The Movie Cube (1997) Or Where Does The Prison End? Clothing reminiscent of prisoner uniforms, no scenery, and few actors. It would seem, much more primitive? But this picture has collected a significant number of awards. This list includes the Brussels “Silver Raven”, and awards in Toronto, and many others.

Cube – what is its horror

David Pravika is the creator of some of the patterns of this three-dimensional space. 17576 rooms, frame and hollow space between them. Each of these rooms is marked with certain numbers that encode its initial coordinates. The prisoners have a chance to get out. But it seems to be completely unrealistic. To do this, you need to get into the very room that, at the time of movement of three-dimensional space, will be in contact with the outer shell. To find that very saving room, you need to determine its subsequent movement and location by numbers.

Why are they there

At first, the prisoners do not understand where they are. What is this giant building? Many questions. The cube has a lot of deadly traps. The captives understand with horror that at any moment each of them can die. But who and why placed them in this three-dimensional prison?

Lots of guesses. Secret experiments or experiments of aliens? What does it all mean? The answer doesn’t seem to exist for them. Among the captives was an engineer who, as it turned out, was involved in the development of the outer shell of the Cube. He then comes closest to answering the main question. In his opinion, there is no conspiracy against them. All the prisoners ended up there by accident, and the three-dimensional structure itself operates uncontrollably and is not controlled by anyone. But how can a device that is created according to mathematical laws not obey them and be not regulated by anyone?

Prison inside us?

It is no accident that the names of the captives are the names of US prisons. Obviously, each of the characters in the film is the personification of something. The cynic Worth, the rebel Renn, the paranoid Holloway and the brutal Quentin. It turns out that the very consciousness inside a person is a prison. How to get out of it?

The characters seem to be okay at first. They possessed everything that would help them get out of the Cube: knowledge, skills, skill. They managed to find a way out of one room, the second, the third. They understood some of the principles of the Cube, its patterns. But this continued until mathematical principles gave way to human nature.

The cube represents human consciousness. The outer shell is the body. The traps that the heroes encounter along the way are agonizing questions. To solve them, you need to go beyond the limits of human consciousness, that is, the outer shell.

Numbers – what is their role

The heroes understand that in order to find a way out and escape, you need to know mathematics and be friends with numbers. Numbers rule everything. This is the main allegory. The role of numbers in the modern world is colossal, it is difficult to overestimate it. For example, this is the storage of information. Levene is a gifted girl in the field of mathematics. It is she who brings tangible benefits – a person who is friends with numbers.

A guy named Kazan is autistic. No one paid much attention to his role. But it is he who sees the light first. This is the light of knowledge. He is the only one who does not possess any of the qualities of the main captives. He does not know aggression and cynicism. No painful questions torment his mind. He is not capable of offending, insulting or even killing a person. It turns out that only a madman can be like that?

Stay where you are

Through mathematical calculations, the captives come to the conclusion: in order to be saved, you do not need to go anywhere! From the very beginning, it was necessary to stay in one place and just wait for the right room, which leads outside, to simply rise to them by itself.

The main problem is the human mind. Knowledge of the world around is what he strives for. Sometimes this happens to the detriment of oneself. Cuba’s main answer is that there are no situations from which there is no way out. There is at least one exit – where the entrance was. This should be remembered by those who are desperate to get out of the depths of their own mind, see no way out and risk suffering from their own traps.

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