Closer Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

American psychological drama Closer (2004) about how four characters accidentally fall in love with each other. A touching film will make the audience empathize with the characters. However, in this story, everything is not so clear.

Every person has their own dreams and desires. If he doesn’t get what he wants, he gets upset and suffers. But there are also people who cannot clearly say what they need at all. Such uncertainty often knocks a person out of his usual life rut, he is tormented by doubts and worries.

The Meaning of the Movie Closer (2004)

The characters in the film Closer are confused in themselves. They cannot sort out their feelings. Writer Dan has strong feelings for stripper Alice. However, the young man also sympathizes with the photographer Anna. The character cannot decide with whom he would have an affair. While he was deciding, the brutal Larry drew attention to Anna, who became his girlfriend. Only the hero also tries to sit on two chairs. Larry is also Alice’s boyfriend. and none of the characters can put an end to this madness. Heroes just can’t decide who they want to be with. They are so confused in themselves that it becomes absolutely incomprehensible how it will all end. The relationship of the characters resembles a love quadrangle. But the actors eventually realize that this cannot continue for a long time. Heroes became hostages of their passions. Finding a way out of this strange situation is not so easy.

In a psychological story, the emotions and feelings of the characters are intertwined. Their dialogues carry a special meaning. The drama of four lovers is read between the lines. Heroes yearn for love. They are under the control of their desires. The characters appear before the audience in different states: in joy and sorrow, in happiness and sadness, in thought and complete devastation. As if fans of the film live this story along with the characters.

The main point of the film Closer (2004) is that even people close to a person will one day turn out to be strangers. We are as close as we are strangers to each other. Sometimes it seems that you know all the habits and even thoughts of a loved one. After a while, you realize that you were completely wrong. It is impossible to unravel all the mysteries, to know all the secrets of another person. Some people cannot understand themselves, let alone those around them. It is not possible to reach all the hidden corners of the soul. Sometimes a person manages to predict the desires of a loved one. And he is sure that he has learned to understand his thoughts and aspirations. But this is a misleading feeling. Man will never become an open book. Even for a loved one. Awareness will come suddenly. Your loved one is a mysterious stranger you never knew. and have no information about it. Alice became such a character. Who was not Alice, but Jane.

Alice. Extremely contradictory, ambiguous nature. Like an angel in the raft, found herself in vice. Caught in a difficult situation, Alice realizes that a breakup is inevitable. She accepts it. But the heroine is looking for an excuse to leave this place. She must prove that it was she who left, not her. A strong personality appears before the audience, agreeing to break with a loved one. Despite the fact that tears flow from her eyes, she is determined and consistent. Alice is a mysterious stranger. Dan still couldn’t figure out the girl. The heroine suddenly realized that she had no feelings for Dan. The character is always for the truth. For Alice, love is built on lies. The truth for the heroine is the personification of the destruction of strong feelings.

Anna and Dan are two opposites who are attracted to each other. They are as different as they are the same. Initially, Dan appeared before the audience in the form of a boring journalist. When he sees Anna, self-confidence is visible in his eyes. Such a handsome man knows exactly what he wants to achieve. He is taking big steps towards his goal. For him there are no barriers and obstacles. At the end of the film, Dan becomes whiny and miserable again. He was unable to prove his strong feelings to either Anna or Alice. Had he never really loved any of the girls? Anna tried to “close” her heart. The heroine does not want to love anymore. She feels guilty towards her husband. Love for Anna is manifested precisely in suffering.

Larry is a kind of macho with a defiant behavior. At first, the viewer may think that he is an ordinary guy with a slightly rough manner. But soon the hero appears in all its glory. Larry is distinguished by arrogance and cruelty. He wasn’t used to holding back his emotions. The hero is ready to seek the truth in everything. The thoughts and actions of the character are straightforward and open. If Larry loves, then he forgives everything and forgives nothing at the same time. There is both cruelty and condescension in it, which cannot be separated from each other.

The idea of ​​the film Closer is to make the viewer understand how sudden feelings can be. And people really want to believe that their love is mutual. They are even looking for evidence of this. All the characters in the movie are wonderful and unforgettable. The actors are great in their game. They follow their desires.

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