Escape Room Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The idea of ​​this film is very unusual and interesting: a certain girl (Kristen), as an original gift for the thirtieth birthday of Tyler (her boyfriend), invites him along with friends to a game called Escape Room (a frightening fact will become clear later: the girl did not actually place an order invitations, but found them in the mailbox of my house). The idea of ​​the quest is that the participants are locked in a room, and they must solve tasks and riddles for a while in order to get out of captivity. The company is taken for a long time to some secretly designated place, but as soon as they are brought in and the phones are preliminarily taken away, the young people find themselves in a closed, completely isolated room. This is where the game begins. All rooms are separated by locked doors, which can be opened with the help of keys obtained during the solution of puzzles. The heroes enthusiastically begin to solve puzzles, but there is one “but”: the participants are completely unaware that this is not entertainment or a game, and they are in real danger, young people clearly understand that in order to survive until morning, they will most likely need to make incredible efforts . So what is it in the end: a game or something more?

Movie plot of Escape Room

At first, the plot is intriguing, and you expect a lot from such an interesting plot. The idea of ​​the film is really not bad – a quest that you need to complete, not just to get out of the room (the original name of the film is “Escape Room” – “Escape from the room”), but to survive. Unlike the banal and already boring horror films, this film is full of thoughts. When watching a thriller quest, you clearly understand and see all the enthusiasm with which the film crew reacted to the creation of the film: there is no persistent desire to press the “pause” button and stop watching; interest is maintained throughout the film.

The characters are very cliched, but the plot does not encourage inventing some extraordinary and exceptional characters. We can meet literally all types of quest players: and the leader, who always thinks that he is the smartest of all, who does not allow others to play without him; and an absolutely typical alarmist, sure only of losing; and then people completely indifferent to the quest, just following the rest; well, and necessarily people who, with all their desire, are not able to solve riddles on their own. Watching the most terrifying scenes, the viewer is in terrible tension throughout the film. With all this, until the end of the picture it remains completely unclear what role the main character, Kristen, plays in this undertaking, because of which the viewer will break his head over another mystery.

The film Escape Room is, in principle, full of various kinds of puzzles that properly discharge the plot, forcing even the viewer to strain their brain cells. One of the mysteries of the film: Who is this mysterious puppeteer? Who is this person and why did he choose them? The final, last test of the soul-chilling quest Escape Room, the essence of which is a very difficult choice that raises the moral principles of the heroes: to save yourself or another, turns out to be an elementary and expected test of the honesty of the film’s heroes. Such a test of feelings further sharpens the viewer’s attention and makes him not stick off the screen with the main question in his head: “who will pass this life-threatening test?”

The film Escape Room itself really inadvertently raises moral questions and makes the viewer think about some of the issues that are important for society in the modern world. Despite the fact that many viewers did not quite like this film in the horror genre, and the box office was very deplorable, one cannot deny a really good story and idea, the excellent work of the cameraman and the crew as a whole, the acceptable play of the actors and most importantly – emotional and mental load of the whole film. After all, even though this is a one-time movie, it still remains in memory for a long time.

The meaning of the film Escape Room (2017)

The meaning of the film Escape Room is that behind any, at first glance, fun activities, an evil, unprincipled person, rich in sins and vices, can. Which side in this world to join (good or evil) is the everyday choice of a person. In our environment there will always be people who can, at the cost of other people’s destinies and lives, seek entertainment for their souls: they don’t care about anyone, even if the point is about the real danger of life. According to the plot of the film, the participants in the quest are being watched by someone who cynically observes the torment of the participants on the screen, which adds even more mysteries and terrifies the viewer.

The film ended on a rather controversial note, it is obvious that the director – Will Wernick – decided to give the audience a denouement that does not quite shed light on the motives of the organizers of the deadly quest. But despite this, it is moralizing: you should never play with evil. To speak the truth and hold on to goodness is a kind of definite protection against future mistakes (perhaps even fatal ones). The main point: people periodically become unwitting victims through the fault of others. All you can do is try to live without succumbing to mindless thrill-seeking and stupid instincts.

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