Burning Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The South Korean thriller Blazing is based on the novel by Haruki Murakami. Director Lee Chang Dong was able to convey the touching story of an aspiring writer. The story “Burn down the barn” had a different ending. However, to give deep meaning to his psychological film “Burning”, the director went beyond the original source. What is this movie about? Why is this work loved by the audience? Let’s analyze the film “Burning”.

What is Burning (2018) about?

The movie “Burning” is a touching story about Jeongsu. The hero is aspiring writers. He is passionate about the work of William Faulkner, draws inspiration from the works of the author. Jeongsu lives in a small settlement. From the same village and a charming modest girl Haemi. The heroes suddenly met in a big city. Jeongsu fell in love with a young beauty.

The girl went on an exciting journey to Africa. It was there that she met Ben. The young man did not bother himself with work, leading a luxurious lifestyle. Jeongsu found out about this acquaintance after his beloved returned from her trip.

An aspiring writer has many worries of his own. His father was under investigation for attacking a neighbor. The young man is now compelled to watch his parent’s house. Haemi and Ben decide to surprise Jeongsoo and visit him in the village. It was during this trip that Ben decided to reveal his secret and confess his criminal hobbies. His strange hobby is burning greenhouses. He does this regularly, twice a month.

Suddenly, the charming girl disappeared without a trace. Jeongsu can’t find a place for himself. The young man was visited by a terrible assumption. The aspiring writer is sure that Ben is involved in the disappearance of Haemi. Most likely he is a killer of young beauties. However, there is no evidence against Ben. Jeongsu thinks it’s unfair that the killer is on the loose. With no evidence of Ben’s guilt, the aspiring writer decides to take a desperate step. The young man killed Ben himself.

The meaning of the movie “Burning” (2018)

Slow action, laconic dialogues and amazing semantic layering. The director raised eternal themes in his work. The protagonist exists only within the framework that is laid down by the socio-cultural environment. Yes, he received a philological education. However, even to simple questions, he cannot give a clear answer. His studies were formal.

The meaning of the film “Burning” is to show three different characters, three different views on life, three different attitudes towards existence. Jeongsoo is an aspiring writer. He does not go beyond his own stingy worldview. His house is a dirty, gloomy room. What future awaits him if he does not know how to live in the present? He is mired in the problems and mistakes of the past. On his shoulders are tons of memories that he does not want to get rid of.

The complete opposite of Jeongsu is the successful Ben. The young man breathes “full chest”. He has hobbies, interests, hobbies. What makes him move on. His house is a cozy bright apartment where everything is structured. There is no room for chaos in his home. So it is with Ben. He clearly knows what he wants to achieve in his life. That is why he is moving confidently towards the fulfillment of his plan. Neither circumstances nor others can break his spirit. However, when Ben feels the decline of mental strength, he goes to a quiet secluded place. It is there that he can calmly assess the situation, weigh the pros and cons and make the right decision.

Another heroine of the film is the charming girl Haemi. She, like Ben, needs lightness, freedom. If she decided to go on an exciting and dangerous adventure to the wild African tribes, she will definitely make this trip. If she wants to dance, no amount of judgmental looks will stop her. Haemi used to rely only on herself in her life. This rule has helped her more than once in difficult situations. Haemi realized that she only had one life. And she wants to live it the way she wants.

The meaning of the film “Burning” is that each person independently chooses his life path. Someone spends his life in suffering, constantly remembering the events of the past. Someone, despite everything, decided to be happy, and there is no stopping him in this desire. And someone just goes with the flow, lives according to his instincts, surrendering to the will of chance. “Happiness is already inside you.” You should always remember this.

The meaning of the ending of the film “Burning” (2018)

An intriguing and unexpected ending to the film. The meaning of the finale of the film “Burning” is that you need to fight for your happiness. Always, under any circumstances. Even if the whole world is against you. However, there are lines that no one has the right to cross.

The main character lives in the past. He simply does not know how to live differently, no one taught him. His life is more like an aimless miserable existence. He does not have a goal for which he would like to create, dream, move on. The aspiring writer just goes with the flow. Jeongsoo does not understand that in order to enjoy life, he needs to shed the burden of the past. Only in this case he will be able to live in peace and harmony with himself and others.

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