Blow-Up Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The film Blow Up appeared on the screens in 1966. What is the best way to distort reality? Of course, the lens of the camera. Its main function is the refraction of reality. But what is it for? Why is a film shot back in 1966 still arousing interest among viewers today? The answer lies in the deep meaning that the filmmakers have in their story.

Do it the way you want. Correct flaws, make reality perfect and capture it in a picture that will last forever. Film is a highly controversial subject. There is so much truth in it and so many lies. Sometimes it just becomes unclear where reality ends and fantasy begins. Or maybe reality exists only in our heads? With the help of a camera lens, a person can display the real world in the way that only he wants. Everything depends on him. This is precisely the main idea of ​​the film “Blow Up”.

A harmonious and surprisingly atmospheric story showed how important it is for everyone to find inner peace. The meaning of the film is that a certain part of his life a person is in search of himself. For some, this process takes too much time and mental strength, someone painlessly and at no extra cost completes this task. But it also happens that a person does not understand who he really is. His whole life is spent in mental turmoil. These people don’t know what they want.

The authors did not bypass the theme of the character’s rethinking of his main purpose in the film. If at the beginning of the story a narcissistic, impudent and rude person appears before the audience, then at the end of the film we already see a character who has radically revised his life goals and principles. Why did it happen? What is the secret of such significant changes? At first, the hero of the film is as if not at ease. Work does not bring him satisfaction, existence is devoid of bright moments. He no longer notices the extraordinary beauty of the world around him. He was swallowed up by routine, vanity. He just clearly fulfills his duties.

But unexpectedly, fate gave him an unusual gift. But in order to get it, the character needs to find the answer to one non-standard riddle. It was the search for a solution that “shaken” the hero of the film, he seemed to come to life. He is absorbed in new activities, it made him look at the world differently. Nothing in life lasts forever. The character was never able to find a clue to his secret, which evaporated as suddenly as it appeared. Life does not stand still. On the contrary, it rushes at breakneck speed. Therefore, it is important to be here and now, pay attention to the smallest details, enjoy every day you live and notice the beauty in everything that surrounds us. Truth that can make every person happy.

What is this measured, unhurried story about? The essence of the film “Blowup” is that everyone sees the world around him the way he wants to see it. If a person begins to sincerely believe in something, it becomes a reality for him. Now he begins to perceive the reality around him in this way. The opinions of others, their views on life, thoughts no longer matter. Man becomes the center of his life. He creates it with his own hands so that he is comfortable in these conditions.

The character of the film discovered a terrible find. Dead body. He sees it here and now. But he leaves this place, and after a while he returns again. Only now there is nothing else. And the hero of the film begins to wonder: was there really a corpse? Or is it a figment of his imagination? Doubts settled in his mind. It only means that he can no longer perceive what he saw for the first time as the ultimate truth.

There is no logical conclusion in this extraordinary story, the ending turned out to be open. But the movie “Blow Up” does not need a specific ending. The creators of the tape gave the audience the opportunity to decide for themselves what the outcome of this work should be. You can’t be 100% right with the other person. After all, everyone has their own point of view and angle of inclination. What we believe becomes the truth. But it is worth remembering that true faith and confidence are different concepts. Sometimes it is difficult to find something in common between them. Sometimes overconfidence can lead to disastrous consequences. It becomes the cause of delusions, from which a person gets a lot of problems.

The graceful ending of the story makes viewers think that how many people, so many opinions. Everyone has their own approach to life. It cannot be said that someone is correct and someone is not. Often people come to their beliefs through trial and error. But this is their life experience, which allows them to look at the world with completely different eyes. Each person has his own ideals and values, on the basis of which he creates his own reality. The first thing he does is turn all the energy onto himself. After all, it depends only on him whether he can paint his world with bright colors.

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