Endless Love Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The meaning of the movie Endless Love. Turkish series are very popular in EU because they touch on two, in fact, the most exciting topics for EU and EU women: social justice and love. The serial film Endless Love harmoniously combines these two themes, fully and multilaterally reveals them. If you ask what the film is about, the answer will be simple – about love. But why love is “Endless”, the answer must be sought in the plot and the Turkish language. “Endless” in Turkish can mean “eternal”, or it can also be used in the well-known meaning of something gloomy, not entirely pleasant. Such a love story is revealed in this film – a strong, overcoming feeling that has to go through too much.

What is Endless Love about?

In total, the film has 2 seasons, comprising 74 episodes. The episodes in Turkish TV series are much longer than is customary in European serial films. An episode of a Turkish TV series can run for about two hours, and almost every episode is over 100 minutes long. Here we will briefly review the plot so that the meaning of the film is clear, but we will not go into details.

The main character is a young guy, an engineering student (Kemal). He meets a young talented artist (Nihan) and they fall in love at first sight, as is often the case in this genre of series.

The guy from a rather poor family, besides, he is the middle son. He has to do a lot on his own in order to complete his education, and the family really hopes for him (that he will become a good specialist, find a decent job and be able to help his relatives).

The girl, on the contrary, always lived in abundance. Her family gave her everything they could, the young Turkish beauty never had to need anything, so she could afford to pursue her art without worrying about how to provide for herself.

But now, even for a wealthy family, not the easiest times have come. Entrepreneurial parents decided to improve their business by entering into a profitable family alliance with rich and influential people, marrying their talented and attractive daughter to their son (Emir).

The girl’s potential fiancé has amazing business acumen and, like a born businessman, is used to getting everything he wants.

The girl does not like him, but, possessing natural deceit, the groom does everything to get rid of the rival.

Kemal is forced to leave the capital for a small town because he was offered a job there. The guy must help the family, so he leaves his beloved and leaves.

Nihan succumbs to the influence of the family and marries the unloved one.

Emir understands that the girl does not love him, she still thinks about Kemal. So he tries to frame the guy.

Further, the plot is based on the fact that the whole world is against the reunion of lovers (husband Nihan and his influential family are especially trying).

The second season is about the lovers’ attempt to build a family life after the birth of their daughter, but they are still thwarted. Emir tries to get Nihan back as well as her baby. In the event that this fails, he is ready to kill them (by proxy, of course).

The meaning of the movie Endless Love

This multi-part film has three semantic lines: social, love and the issue of Eastern traditions in the modern world.

The social issue is shown quite clearly: within the framework of Turkish society, the stratification between the rich and the poor is simply enormous. If the rich can simply step over the bounds of the law, then the poor are actually defenseless, which is shown by the example of the actions of the Emir in relation to Kemal.

In the end, legality triumphs, but it is obvious that this is only a special case, a kind of compensation for the lack of a happy ending in a love line, for the most part, in Turkish society, not everyone is equal before the law.

The meaning of the film in terms of love relationships is very peculiar – love turned out to be really “black”. By the end of the second season, the viewer begins to believe in the possibility of a happy ending for lovers, but the traditional oriental society is still winning.

But the issue of traditions is touched very seriously, albeit tactfully. The film is set in 2015, and arranged marriages are still thriving in Turkey, not as a union of lovers, but as a money deal.

It would seem that the main characters have every right: Nihan is professionally engaged in creativity, which is not typical for a woman in Eastern society, Kemal, although from the bottom of society, has the opportunity to get an education, a profitable, worthy profession, but the elementary right to choose who to love , young people are still deprived.

The meaning of the ending

At the end of the film, Kemal dies, while Emir finally falls into the hands of justice. There are no winners in this war, everyone lost, and in everything they fought for.

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    They supposed to be a happy ending, after so much fighting, killing, enemity etc,I should have loved kamal and Nehal to have a happy ending,another question is why was the Lady that shot a bullet for self defense arrested and jail ,when someone broke into her home in the middle of the night,and her aims was to kill Nehan ,what kind of Justice is that when the so called crazy girl was only pretending, there was no follow up, on her to know if she’s actually mental sick person, which means anyone can commit a crime and hide under the mental illness, and continued her serial killing ,that was too bad for me to digest.