Birds of Prey Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Meaning of the movie Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey (2020): explanation of the plot & ending. The heroine of the Suicide Squad, beloved by the audience, Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie, has become a key character in the new DC film. The meaning of Birds of Prey is centered around feminist ideals that are widely popular in the West. The story tells about how, left without the support of the main villain of the universe (Joker), the princess of the underworld was able to confront her enemies alone and start life from scratch.

Description of the story

The events of the film take place a couple of months after the story of the Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn, as has already happened repeatedly, fell under the hot hand of the Joker, after which he kicked her out. For some time, the girlfriend of the crazy clown did not dare to advertise the gap. The situation changed when she heard the conversation of acquaintances, gossiping that she would return to her ex (or another “alpha male”) as soon as possible. Deciding to prove to everyone that she no longer depends on anyone, Harley Quinn blows up the Ace Chemicals plant (a symbolic and memorable place for the villainous couple).

However, this plot of the film Birds of Prey only twists. With her act, the heroine drew a target on her back. A real hunt began for her (she personally annoyed some, others wanted to at least somehow settle scores with the Joker). In the capture of the clown, one of the criminal leaders of Gotham, the Black Mask, managed to succeed.

On a note! What is the meaning of the film Birds of Prey, reveals the title of the tape. English rental was limited to a literal translation, without going into the essence of the expression. In English, a bird of prey means a person who is ready to go over their heads to achieve their goal.

Cougar Team

In an effort to somehow delay the reprisal, Harley offers Black Mask help in the capture of Cassandra Kane, who stole a valuable diamond from the criminal. In addition to the gang of the villain, several key characters begin to search for the girl at once. It is from them that the Birds of Prey team will be organized at the end of the film:

  • Hunter with a crossbow – Helena Bertinelli;
  • former cop – Rene Montoya;
  • Black Canary – Dina Lauren Lance.

In fact, the anti-hero did not need the thief herself, but the diamond. But, the girl swallowed it to hide the stone during the arrest from the police. The cut of the diamond contained an encryption of the bank account number of the crime boss Bertinelli, almost the entire family of whom was shot 20 years ago.

On a note! If the first characters are little known to a wide audience, then the Black Canary has already flashed among the minor characters in many comic book adaptations. So over the years, she could be seen in the TV series Smallville, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

Ending and hidden meaning

Toward the end of the picture, cornered Harley decides to give the girl to the Black Mask. This fact once again emphasizes the meaning of the film Birds of Prey. Despite the sympathy and affection that has arisen for Cassandra, Quinn calls the villain and makes an appointment. The heroine was driven by a banal desire to survive and the fear that she would disappear alone.

In the best (or worst) tradition of American action movies, the ending of Birds of Prey shows how the heroes, perked up, unite to fight back against the “bad guys”. Armed with bats and settling differences, the newly minted team entered the final battle. During the scuffle, the leader of the gang manages to kidnap Cassandra. But Harley Quinn is chasing him. Having overtaken the Black Mask, the eccentric clown (not without the help of a young pickpocket) blows up the villain with a grenade.

Happy end

The ensuing happy ending put everything in its place. How did Birds of Prey end?

  • Harley Quinn stole a diamond from new friends. Opened her own “semi-legal” business;
  • Cassandra Kane became her companion.
  • the rest of the team organized a crime-fighting group. Quinn left them the access code to the Bertinelli fortune.
  • Gotham froze in anticipation of the appearance of the next crime boss.

Fans of DC comics saw another meaning to Birds of Prey’s ending. The fact is that in the original version of the story, Cassandra Kane is the future Batgirl (Batman’s ally). It turns out that the main character has deprived the Gotham crime fighter of a faithful assistant. Although perhaps this line will still be developed in the next pictures of the movie universe.

Traditionally, superhero movies contain post-credits scenes. Birds of prey are no exception. In the last frame, Harley asks the audience why they are still at the screens. And then, as if he intends to voice something important about Batman (for example, his real name), but the sound signal disappears. What exactly the heroine wanted to communicate remains a mystery?

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