ATM Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Colleagues decided to use the services of an ATM Explained: What’s Up With the Ending? Late at night, they realized that they urgently needed money. However, a seemingly harmless event turned into unpleasant consequences for them. Now the three colleagues are being chased by a big man hiding under the hood of a long jacket. This unknown character begins to threaten them. Now colleagues want only one thing – to escape from the terrifying and fearful pursuer. Initially, there is an understatement in this story. Viewers have more and more questions. I wonder what meaning the creators put into their work? Let’s figure it out.

Movie slogan: “No warning. No control. No escape.”

I love this kind of movie. A confined space. A mysterious force that won’t let you leave the room. Nothing is clear, people are confused, but everyone is well aware of one thing – their lives are in imminent danger.

Three friends (two guys and a girl) decide to withdraw money from a nearby ATM. The movie begins late at night. In the States, a street ATM is not just a “booth” where you get money by card. It is a covered room with an ATM machine inside. Instead of walls it is made of shockproof glass (there is no way to break it), inside it is heated, fire-fighting system, only holders of bank cards of the bank can get inside (there is a control system on the doors), and in general it is almost a “full” bank office, only without staff and the size of a transformer box 🙂 The film is about a “full-fledged” bank office, but without staff and the size of a transformer booth.

The authors of the film deliberately place the characters of the film and the audience in an atmosphere of cold, all-consuming fear and despair. There doesn’t seem to be any light at all. The unknown is scary, it makes the heart beat faster, but the mind refuses to believe in what is happening. The characters are placed in a psychological space from which there is no way out. This closeness, isolation presses from all sides. Inside a person, his personal fears begin to wake up, and obsessive thoughts do not give rest. And the person begins to think about the worst. He does not even consider the positive outcome of these incredible events.

Fear eats a person from the inside. They do not allow him to fully exist. Around a person sees only a catch. Over time, he begins to understand that you can not trust anyone. A person seems to fall into the trap of his mind. And only he can help himself. But because of the chilling fear, he simply cannot realize this. Sometimes life seems unbearable, hard. Every person has such periods. As if all possible problems and difficulties at once fell upon you. At such moments, you should take a break and look at what is happening from the outside, abstract from unwanted emotions and negative feelings. This is precisely the meaning of the film “ATM”.

The motto of many people in the modern world is safety first. Only at what cost is it achieved. Over time, a person began to be afraid of almost everything that surrounds him. The heroes of the film also tried to fence themselves off from all problems, to protect themselves from possible undesirable consequences. But the characters were not ready for non-standard situations. And this is where they got lost. There was no clear algorithm of actions, no logical sequence. To be saved, one had to think, analyze, compare. Only they fell into a stupor. Despair gripped their minds. Primitive reactions to danger did not bring any positive result.

Closed space leads a person to frightening thoughts. The black room, the lack of exits and complete uncertainty. Personal safety is out of the question. Yelling, shouting, calling for help is not an option. Still no one will hear. It is important to find the strength in yourself to calm down and try to assess the situation. The characters were placed outside of their comfort zone. And all their survival skills in unusual conditions have disappeared somewhere. Or were they simply not there? Or were the characters in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Strong, atmospheric, deep film “ATM” is not just a horror movie. The creators tried to point out human shortcomings and weaknesses, from which no one is immune. A measured calm life has left its mark on the existence of man. The characters have surrounded themselves with the latest technology, believing that it will save them from all that they are now completely safe. They have forgotten how to think under stressful conditions, relying on someone else. But the authors of the film argue that this is not an option.

When the heroes of the tape got into a makeshift ATM, they seemed to have turned into wild animals driven into a cage. No rational movements, no consistent smart thoughts, no clear plan of action. Only natural instincts came to the fore. The heroes of the film have driven themselves into a trap by their actions. Young people did not understand that only they were responsible for the circumstances.

The creators of the film paid special attention to the theme of friendship and relationships. And among the three colleagues there is one who can be safely classified as traitors. For that “friend” in the first place is personal gain. When the characters saw the approaching death before their eyes, it was as if all the masks fell off them. Now every man for himself. The lives of the rest lost their meaning for the heroes of the film. The characters begin to blame each other, no one wants to take responsibility for what is happening. And most importantly, the heroes still cannot come to a consensus on how to find a way out of this situation. Around only accusations and mutual reproaches. And not a single rational thought.

Sometimes people draw scary pictures in their imagination. And over time, they even begin to believe in it. The heroes of the film placed themselves in a world full of fears and despair. Their brains simply stopped functioning normally. The characters never managed to pull themselves together. By their own actions, they blocked all exits and entrances for themselves. The psychological pressure was unbearable. In the face of danger, people have shown who they really are.

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