365 Days Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The film 365 days occupies leading positions in various ratings. This is the movie that was downloaded the most during 2020. He did not leave anyone indifferent, because his plot is extraordinary, it is a colorful and rich film. However, many believe that this film is too erotic, and besides, it has received criticism from many experts as promoting violence.

Features of the movie 365 days

Many are sure that this film work resembles 50 shades of gray, but at the same time it is a Polish version. Film directed by Barbara Bialovas. After a few days of publication on the Netflix resource, this film broke all records for views.

The film is based on the novel by Blanca Lipinski with erotic elements. It was a real success in Poland. The main roles went to the Polish actress Anna Maria Siklutske, actor Michel Morrone from Italy.

The plot of the movie

The plot is that a young girl Laura from Poland comes to Italy, not alone, but with friends and a boyfriend. She tries to build her relationship with a guy in a new way, but fate brings her together with Massimo, the head of the Sicilian mafia. He decides to win the girl, arranges a kidnapping and locks her in his residence. He offers her a deal – in a year she will definitely fall in love with him. If this does not happen, she will be able to return to her homeland, although she fled from her native city. Many are attracted not so much by the plot as by the abundance of sex scenes. Even on popular social media, the public has launched special hashtags to share their views of these scenes and reactions to them.

The most resonant scene is the moment on the yacht. However, the directors were accused of romanticizing the film’s Stockholm syndrome, that is, the circumstances in which the victim falls in love with his captor. Many people believe that love based on kidnapping and violence cannot be justified. This film causes double impressions, some support it and consider it one of the hits and a clear competitor to 50 shades of gray. Others condemn it and consider it propaganda of unhealthy sexual relationships. Many people think that the film is good, but only as an adult movie. There is a very beautiful picture, but the plot is in its own way incoherent, illogical.

Similar to 50 shades of gray

There is an opinion that the popularity of the film is due to the fact that many ladies were delighted with the Italian who plays the main role. It is Michel Morrone who is the decoration of the film, this is a hot stately Italian, according to the plot, he is the head of the Sicilian mafia. Those who followed his Instagram know that the number of subscribers after the film increased exactly one hundred times. Many are ready to give everything to be next to this handsome man. Many note that the plot of the film is copied from the well-known and beloved fairy tale The Scarlet Flower – the abduction of a beauty, the life of a mafia castle, unexpected goodness. Classics will always remain classics, and will attract girls who dream of becoming princesses. Everyone believes in a beautiful ending, many also draw parallels with 50 shades of gray, because here some storylines were copied from an already famous film.

For example, the ball, although its occasion is not indicated, the heroine was gathered by two gay Italians. The pastime on the yacht is duplicated, which essentially does not fit into the plot, and even the image of the main character resembles 50 shades, for example, a short silver dress at a party. Many fans disassemble them to the smallest detail, find similarities, note various common points.

Special meaning of 365 days

In general, the meaning of the film 365 days is that any woman can achieve love from passionate, sultry handsome men. But at the same time, it is the handsome man who achieves love, by enclosing the girl in his mansions, not releasing her, in every way they please. However, in fact, the film focuses on violence and kidnapping, which cannot be approved, especially since such things cannot be promoted.

The film itself could have gone unnoticed if it were presented as a frank film for adults. Yet 365 Days remains a feature film, despite the abundance of sex scenes.

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