2067 Ending Explained & Film Analysis

There are no more animals & plants on the planet. People do not understand how to live on. Ecology ruined, it is simply impossible to breathe. The only way out is artificial oxygen. But this new technology also has significant disadvantages. It was 2067. Does humanity even have a chance to be saved? It was this question that the director of the film 2067 (2020) tried to answer.

The meaning of the movie “2067”

The original culture of Australian cinema has left its mark on the film. The viewer before watching the film should try to tune in to a kind of wave, turn off his thoughts, plunge into the atmosphere reigning on the screen. It is worth noting that the musical accompaniment of the picture is beyond praise. Despite the hopelessness of the situation, the viewer does not feel a gloomy atmosphere. We understand that in the complex intricacies of fate there is a special meaning.

There’s a lot of depth in 2067. Over time, the viewer realizes that everything is not as simple as shown on the screen. A harmonious, emotional motion picture has a twisted plot. After the introduction, the viewer is immersed in an incredible atmosphere of intrigue and understatement. We don’t understand what might happen in the next frame. This is what keeps the audience in suspense until the very end. Excellent directing. The creators accurately and clearly worked out every detail.

An ecological threat looms over our planet. It is a fact. The problem of ecology is known to everyone. The director tried to colorfully and clearly explain the consequences of the death of the animal and plant world. From the unfolding picture, some viewers were horrified. Nature must be protected. This is precisely the main point of the movie “2067”.

Another direction of the storyline is a journey through a time portal. The scientist travels to the distant future. For what? To correct the mistakes of the present?

2067 year. Humans only have synthetic oxygen. Everything around is painted in gloomy colors. There doesn’t seem to be any light at all. The existence of characters directly depends on the production of artificial oxygen. They can only hope for science, because an ecological catastrophe has occurred. There are no animals or plants left on the planet. People were able not only to subjugate nature, but also to destroy it. This played a cruel joke on them. A few years ago, the characters could not imagine that this was possible. They were warned about the possible consequences, but they did not believe. The result was extremely sad. To get his portion of synthetic oxygen, the hero must first issue a coupon for it.

In the film, the creators tried to portray the harsh reality a few years later. 2067 year. This is just a few decades later. Not even hundreds or thousands. But why don’t people protect the planet they live on? Flora and fauna suffer from the uncontrolled use of natural resources. There doesn’t seem to be any way out. Everything is so bleak that there is no point in even trying to change anything. However, the main character does not want to give up. He clearly understands that each of the inhabitants of the planet is responsible for the ecological catastrophe.

The main character has a goal. To achieve it, he is ready for anything. The director also showed a love line in the film. For a simple hard worker, family values ​​are very significant. He tries his best to help his wife. The hero does not think about his own life. The character is even ready to sacrifice himself, but to restore the planet, to disperse the impenetrable layers of impenetrable smog.

Why did the main character go to the future? There is hope in his soul that this is not the end of human history. He has a mission. He must make every effort to correct the consequences of the ecological catastrophe. However, the scale of the harm done to the planet is so huge that scientists cannot develop a further plan of action.

The meaning of the ending of the film “2067”

The film can be classified as science fiction. The mysterious storyline keeps viewers wondering what will happen in the next episode. The ending of the tape is extremely unexpected. The point of the ending of 2067 is that people often forget that they are completely dependent on nature. It is impossible to treat the animal world, plants in a consumer way. Otherwise, the person will suffer.

The life film raises sore questions. Thousands of factories around the world, cutting down trees on a huge scale, water and air pollution cause enormous harm to all living things. The film “2067” is a kind of appeal. The director of the film seems to be trying to convey to everyone that you need to stop, look around and stop harming yourself.

We create the present ourselves, the future also depends on our actions. Needless to say, without oxygen, people will inevitably die. However, many are sure that this will never happen to them. The main idea of ​​the film is that everyone should take care of their planet. The bright future of our descendants depends solely on ourselves.

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