2:22 Ending Explained & Film Analysis

In 2017, the film 2:22 directed by Paul Curry was presented to the public, which was one of his first popular works, since he often acted as a producer. However, it was she who caused a lot of conflicting opinions from the audience, despite the uncirculated advertising, and there are still disputes about this film. What is the meaning of this sensational film and what did the director want to convey to us?

The film belongs to the thriller genre and really does its job. He keeps the viewer in constant excitement and tension for the fate of the main characters. It seems that they are about to unravel all the secrets and return to a calm and measured life, but these happy minutes for the heroes are being postponed and postponed. It is also worth noting the originality of the plot, which adds a bold plus to this film.

What is the movie about?

The story tells us about the life of Dylan Branson, who works as a dispatcher at the airport. The work is difficult and tiring, and not everyone could cope with it, but not Dylan, because he enjoys putting things in order in chaos. This is what distinguishes him from other people.

His life changes dramatically when Dylan begins to have strange dreams that are frighteningly realistic. Once he dreamed of a railway station in which something happened that the man could not explain to himself. But he remembered that the time on the station clock showed 2:22.

However, Dylan does not pay attention to this and tries to live a happy life. On his thirtieth birthday, his friends throw a party for him, and one of the friends gives the man two tickets to a ballet performance so that he can find a mate there. He would never have gone to him, if not for one important circumstance. At 2:22 a.m., he nearly caused a plane crash that could have caused two planes to collide and kill 900 people. Everything worked out, but Branson is suspended from work for a month. At the ballet, he accidentally meets a girl named Sarah. The protagonist still probably does not realize that they will have to figure out with her all the incomprehensible events that have occurred that await him.

A very strange phenomenon awaits him. The whole life will be repeated, like one day, down to the smallest detail. Dylan knew what time a drop of water would fall on him, and what time a plane would fly over him, or when he would notice a dead fly on him, that is, a strange system of repeating the same things is being formed. It is necessary to deal with this and find a quiet life without painfully boring cases.

The meaning of the movie “2:22”

The director wanted to convey to the viewer of the film an understanding of several things at once. The first and most basic is that love can grow where it is not expected at all, because Dylan was passionate about his work and probably forgot about the idea that he could have a soulmate. However, it is necessary to go through many obstacles on its way in order for it to bear fruit.

The second thought carries a much more interesting and fascinating message. It lies in the fact that events from past lives can be repeated in the present, and human life and history are cyclical in principle, because many probably noticed the similarity of historical figures, events, or even the ordinary life of several people who are completely unrelated to each other at first glance . Moreover, the daily routine is reminiscent of Groundhog Day. It is also possible that people think too much about their power. We think that we are at the top of the food chain, we are the kings of nature and in general we can have everything we want, because everything depends only on us. Who knows, maybe that’s not the case at all. Are we just pawns in the hands of a more experienced being who knows more about us than we do?

The third thought, related to the previous one, is that you need to be able to listen to every little thing. You should not shy away from the possible signs of fate that this someone sends us, you need to learn to understand your inner voice and intuition. Otherwise, you can miss a happy occasion, an interesting event, the person you need, or even the life that you have been dreaming about for so long.

Movie ending explanation

At the end of the film, Dylan Branson decides to take the fate of himself and his loved ones into his own hands in order to stop the systematic repetition of events and change his life. This is explained very simply: perhaps a person is not quite the master of his life and some events are already destined for us, but we have the right to turn all events in the right direction. After all, if our destinies were predetermined before our birth, then what would be the point of creating the human race?

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  1. Laurie Mosman

    I like this movie because it’s just a simple love story with Dylan and Sarah and their happenstance meeting which apparently leads to their unlikely falling in love out of the blue?