The Visit Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The Visit is a perfect combination of three genres: horror, thriller and detective, but it is the first genre that is most felt in it. The film was released in 2015 and was produced by M. Night Shyamalan, who is not the first to release such work. The professionalism of the director, by the way, is really felt. What did the authors want to convey to us through the screens?

What is The Visit about?

One day, the brother and sister decide to visit their grandparents. The girl’s name is Becca, the boy’s name is Tyler. Their mother has long been in a quarrel with relatives, so they go to them for the first time in their lives. They are still very young and did not even have an idea that what would happen to them could exist in reality. Becca dreams of becoming a director, so she never misses the opportunity to practice filming what is happening.

When the children have arrived at their destination, the grandparents are overjoyed at their arrival. Becca and Tyler lightly chuckle at the eccentric old men, but note their hospitality nonetheless.

However, at the very first night, real oddities appear, which are unlikely to cause cheerful children’s laughter. The girl went down to the kitchen, but saw that her grandmother was standing there and behaving unusually. In the morning, they try to explain to Becca that her grandmother is just suffering from a mental illness, so there is nothing to be afraid of. Brother and sister at first calmed down, then not for long. Their relatives started scratching the walls, running like dogs, celebrating the holidays, although there is no reason for this. Frightened children decide to install surveillance cameras in the house, but noticing them, the grandmother attacks them.

They are horrified to recruit a mother, and she answers them that these are not her parents, and urgently goes to pick up her children. While the mother is on the road, the false relatives decide to play a game with the children, but everything turns into wildness and fear because of the woman’s attack. Becca, as the eldest of the children, realized what could happen and climbed into the basement. There she sees a terrible view: there are the corpses of real grandparents, and next to them are bathrobes from a psychological clinic.

During this occupation, the girl is noticed, and the man, who is not actually her relative, reports that he and his wife really worked in the hospital, and the real grandparents were lying there. The clinic workers were jealous because their children were drowned, and Becca and Tyler were supposed to come to this house. But since the grandchildren are disobedient, they also wanted to be killed.

The meaning of the film “Visit”

The main idea of ​​the film, of course, is to excite the viewer with its sharpness and unusual plot. But the real meaning lies elsewhere.

Children got into this situation only because their mother quarreled with her parents and did not communicate with them for about 15-20 years. If she communicated with them, then the children would know their grandparents by sight and would never end up in a house where mentally ill people lived. Becca and Tyler would still be carefree kids, but that will never happen again. In their teenage years, they are already adults who know that not only miracles happen, but also similar horrors.

The author encourages families to be closer to each other, to communicate as much and closer as possible, because after all, you and your children are connected with them, no matter how much you want it. You need to be able to find a common language with the people around you, and then you and they will receive peace of mind. After all, it is possible that if the daughter of the elderly had not quarreled with them, then they would not have ended up in a psychiatric hospital in the clutches of sick doctors.

You can also interpret the idea that sometimes what seems to be not always true in reality. After all, the children were initially glad that they came to their grandfather and grandmother, joked, played with them, they were never averse to taking a walk and talking with them. Grandma baked Becca and Tyler insanely delicious pies, Grandpa was the real soul of the company. But after all, mental disorders are hidden behind this beautiful tinsel and a holiday, and a normal life is not compatible with such diseases. They are not who they claim to be. It is worth looking more closely at those that are near you.

Meaning of the movie’s ending

Becca and Tyler managed to get out of this scary and chilling place only thanks to their joint efforts, otherwise one of them, or both of them, would have stayed in this house until the police arrived. And you can’t predict what will happen to them there. Mom also believed her children and worked quickly. She immediately left her house, having previously called the police to the place.

It was also possible to get out because the girl was not at a loss in a difficult situation. Yes, she was afraid. It was possible to remain obedient grandchildren and endure the oddities of older people, turning a blind eye to the fact that grandfather attacks passers-by for no reason, and grandmother runs around on all fours. What was the guarantee that such oddities would not affect the children? That’s right, there is no guarantee.

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