The Babadook Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The Australian horror film The Babadook is based on the short film Monster. Most of the reviews of film critics for the film in the horror genre are positive. The Babadook is not just a horror story. This film is filled with real horror that chills the blood. Strange phenomena, mysticism and irresistible doing to run away from the rolling panic and fear. But despite the horrors in the film, a thin touching storyline can be traced. What is the true meaning of the film “The Babadook”? What is this mystical creature and where does it live?

The meaning of the film “The Babadook”

Selfless skill, energy and an irresistible desire to get to the bottom of the truth. Everything is mixed up in the horror movie “Babadook”. The heroes are confused. Now the characters don’t even know how to tell reality from illusion. The film focuses on the relationship between mother and son. The director scrupulously assesses their behavior, motives, desires. A woman had a lot of grief in her life. It seems that even the strongest person cannot endure this. Despite the loss of appetite, sleep, unwillingness to continue further existence, the heroine pulled herself together.

Her child was far from ideal behavior. But the woman honestly tried to understand his motives. She tried to listen to her child and clearly understand for herself his true desires. But the heroine eventually began to blame this little boy for the loss of a loved one. She failed. Because of this, the all-consuming maternal love grew into hatred for her son.

But who is the Babadook? Does it really exist or is it just a figment of a diseased imagination? Throughout the film, the viewer can notice how strongly the frames that divide reality and illusion are curved. The heroes themselves do not fully understand whether they are under the control of their hallucinations or whether reality is really so harsh.

Atmospheric, full of emotions, thoughts, the film “The Babadook” has a deep psychological meaning. Viewers after watching will look at their household in a new way. Are we interested in the problems of our children. Not always. Sometimes we think that children are “making a big deal out of molehills.” That their troubles are far-fetched, they don’t matter much. But little people take everything literally. If something bad happens to them, they think it’s the end of the world. Without waiting for help, advice, children withdraw into themselves, become embittered and unsociable.

Child abuse, so skillfully and accurately shown by the director of the film “The Babadook”, leaves an indelible mark on the whole future life of a little person. Children stop believing in miracles. They stop dreaming and making wishes. From joyful, carefree and sincere kids turn into people who do not trust anyone.

The meaning of the finale of the film “The Babadook”

The film “The Babadook” lacks scenes of outright violence, which abound in many films in the horror genre. The viewer will not see either fountains of blood or sophisticated murders. This is the strongest mystical drama that touches the most remote corners of your soul. In all the madness that unfolded on the screen, the audience should understand the true meaning of the finale of the film “The Babadook”. The topic of child domestic violence. Acute and burning problem. The two closest relatives could not understand and accept each other, they could not coexist peacefully in this world.

Who is to blame for this outcome? Why do adults shift the blame for their mistakes, mistakes, problems onto their children? Family life with this approach is doomed to a meaningless gray existence. Children and parents gradually move away from each other. Sincere intimate family evenings are replaced by misunderstanding, irritability and even hatred. This sounds very scary. Hatred for your child. What is the meaning of further existence, if you could not find a common language with the closest and dearest person?

The live touching drama “The Babadook” tells about the true values ​​of a person. Children is our future. You should never take it out on these small and defenseless little men who look at the world with wide eyes. In life, they still have to face problems, obstacles and difficulties. A family for a child should become a place where he can come at any time and talk about his failures or share his joys. A person must grow up honest, not embittered and always happy. The task of parents is to help their child get on the right path.

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