Atraves da Sombra Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The Brazilian horror film Através da Sombra was first seen by viewers on their screens in 2015. It should be noted that there are a huge number of films in the horror genre in the film industry. However, the work of Walter Lim Jr. was able to surprise the audience. What is the uniqueness of the film Através da Sombra? Why this particular picture attracted fans of horror films?

The meaning of the film Através da Sombra

The storyline of the film revolves around a young girl. The heroine was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, she was almost desperate. Laura could not find a job for herself that would meet her requirements. This went on for a long time. This problem is relevant not only for the heroine, but also for ordinary viewers. Often people are on the lookout. Work, yourself, the meaning of life. It is very important that there is a person nearby who is ready to lend a helping hand. The creators of the film Através da Sombra tried to convey to the audience one of the ideas of the film. Never, under any circumstances, despair. Even if everything does not go as you would like, at one point, luck will be on your side.

Only Laura was sure that the black streak in her life would never end. But one day everything changed. As if fortune smiled at her. The girl had a chance to realize herself, to reveal her potential. Laura was accepted as a teacher. Her duties included teaching school subjects to two orphans. The characters were constantly within the coffee farm. They were ordinary children with their own hobbies and interests. However, this was only at first glance.

Initially, the main character kept aloof from her wards. Her task was to teach them the basics of school, and not delve into their life stories. But the girl could not just give out material soullessly. Laura has become more attentive to the children. Soon the girl made a terrible discovery. Her wards lived under the close supervision of embittered spirits. The heroine had to decide how to help the orphans. The young fragile girl did not even suspect what she would have to face.

The meaning of the film Através da Sombra is that a person sometimes independently increases the scale of his problems. They seem to him unique, unsolvable. However, it is worth making some efforts to eliminate them, as a person realizes that any problem can be corrected. But this takes time. The heroine of the film understood that she would have to face something cruel and terrible. But Laura also knew very well the values ​​​​and priorities of life and realized what was worth fighting for.

The heroine took the children’s tragedy as her own. She could not calmly look at the events that unfolded before her eyes. Laura had to act. Of this she had no doubt. Some people believe that a person should cope with the trials that have fallen to his lot. According to such characters, this is how the character is tempered, personal qualities are formed. Only Laura was clearly aware that without her participation, the children would not be able to get rid of the cruel and aggressive creatures living on the same coffee farm.

Sometimes a person himself does not understand what inner strength is hidden in him. The main thing is not to be afraid to face danger. The main thing is to act. Even if it’s very scary. Even if it seems that you are not enough. A person must free himself from the frames set in his head. Stop paying attention to doubts. Get rid of obsessive thoughts and complexes. Only in this way can he achieve inner harmony and come to freedom. Do not forget that an important role is played by sympathy and empathy shown to those who sincerely need it. The film is about not turning your life into an endless series of problems and trials.

The meaning of the finale of the film Através da Sombra

A person himself cultivates “demons” in his head. Sometimes fears and obsessive thoughts begin to control the consciousness and actions of people. A person can no longer control his words and actions. He seems to become a puppet, which is easily manipulated by doubts and complexes. After a while, this state brings a person to despair. He seems to be losing his taste for life.

It is difficult to unequivocally say what meaning the creators put into the finale of the film Através da Sombra. If problems are not addressed, they accumulate the word snowball. A person no longer lives, but exists, expecting another trouble. He feels like the whole world is against him. Only it’s not. All problems are in the head. We are also responsible for our lives. Our mistakes are just our mistakes.

The heroine of the film, noticing someone else’s grief, could not stay away. She understood that if she did not help these children, they would be left alone with their misfortune. But she couldn’t let that happen. The film Através da Sombra is a story about self-sacrifice and self-giving. Sometimes it can be very scary, but you always have to move forward. Through “I can’t”. Through pain and obstacles. When it’s all over, you’ll be grateful to yourself for walking this path.

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