The Rising Hawk Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The fascinating film The Rising Hawk (also called Fall Of A Kingdom in the UK) takes the reader into the distant past. The Mongol Horde confidently develops new territories, takes the innocent population into captivity. Who is ready to resist the indestructible army of nomads? What is the meaning of the picture The Rising Hawk and what message does this tape carry to the audience?

What is the film The Rising Hawk about?

Beginning of 1241. The Mongol Horde is expanding its possessions. Local residents of the territories subordinate to her suffer incredible suffering and numerous raids by armed soldiers. There was no force that could resist the powerful army of nomads. They conquered all the cities and settlements that were on their way. Their army was huge and invincible. Hundreds of civilians were captured by the invaders.

The Russian princes thought about the question of how to defeat the army of nomads. Hunger, poverty and incredible trials befell the common people. People needed to be saved from the invasion of uninvited guests. But the Mongol Horde was not going to stop there. The army of Khan Burunda is preparing for a new attack. The goal of the nomads is a march to the West. It was there that the armed warriors hoped to get additional slaves and demonstrate their full power in action.

But an unexpected obstacle stood in the way of the formidable and dangerous army. The nomads were forced to set up a temporary camp in the Carpathians. This stop presented the Mongol Horde with an extremely unpleasant gift. When night descended on the camp, several brave and courageous people helped the captives to free themselves and disappear into the mountains without a trace.

This event was unpleasant news for the Khan of Burunda. He was furious when he learned that the prisoners had disappeared into the mountains. Impressed by what happened, the khan decides to destroy everything that gets in the way of his army. Thus, the leader of the nomads wanted to show everyone what his army is capable of if they cross the road. Encroach on the horde, according to Khan Burunda, no one has the right.

Information reached the leader of the nomads that the release of the prisoners was the work of the Berkut brothers. What is the khan ready to do to punish offenders? And what tests will the brave daredevils have to pass?

The meaning of the film The Rising Hawk

The image of the wise and confident Zakhar. He stands at the very top of the mountain, incredible open spaces open before him. The hero is shown as a strong and fearless character. He leans on a cane with an unusual handle, which is carved in the form of a bird’s beak. The golden eagle is a free steppe bird that cannot live in frames and cages. And the people who live in this area are free and independent of circumstances. If anyone wants to encroach on their independence, they will defend themselves and defend their position until their last breath.

Two brothers – Maxim and Ivan – are carefree, clever young men, they fearlessly explore the picturesque forests in the Carpathians, help their father defend the interests of the villagers before the boyar.

Young people are the first daredevils who dared to confront the army of nomads. For them, to preserve the honor, dignity, independence of local residents is the main goal. They will not hesitate to rush into battle when the Mongol Horde advances on their native places.

However, such zeal of the brothers was not appreciated by the Khan of Burunda. He intends not just to destroy the brothers’ family, he is going to enslave the entire settlement. Khan believes that this will be a demonstrative lesson for everyone who wants to encroach on the power of the nomads in the future.

Confrontation of a small handful of brave civilians and a huge previously indestructible army. It seems that the outcome of the battle is clear even before it starts. But as long as ordinary people have a goal for which they are ready to fight, as long as there are places dear to their hearts that they want to preserve by any means, no one can break the spirit of the people. No enemy force will shake their ideals and principles. They stand up for their families and the community as a whole.

Mountain image. Carpathians. So people, like rocks that will not budge, will not run away to hide from the invaders. This is their home, which they will not leave. The daredevils understand that they are risking their own lives. However, they have a sense of responsibility, duty for the future of their country. Despite the problems and obstacles, people believe that the best is ahead, that they can handle it.

The meaning of the finale of the film The Rising Hawk

Among the people of that time there were also traitors. One such person was found by the Khan of Burunda. But why do people betray the interests and values ​​of their villagers? Why do they lack moral principles and morality? Why do they go over the heads, guided only by their own desires? However, Maxim was able to unravel the insidious plan of the invaders. The final fight was exciting. But no matter how the circumstances develop, good must always triumph over evil. For every power there is another power.

You need to live not only in your own little world solely according to your own interests and rules. You need to live according to the laws and principles of society. Only in this case, the people acquire incredible strength, which it will be extremely difficult for foreign invaders to break. “One for all and all for one.” It is no coincidence that this statement is an axiom that is relevant at all times.

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