Wedding Trough Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film Wedding Trough (1974) caused a lot of ambiguous emotions among the audience. Its plot is very unusual: the farmer, apparently, has gone mad, because he runs around the farm naked and rapes a pig. She gave birth to piglets from her master and at the same moment the farmer tried to get closer to his, so to speak, children. But they wanted to stay with their mother, which upset the man very much: he hangs all the babies, kills his beloved pig and buries himself next to her. He fails to die this way and begins drinking a drink of his own feces and urine, then at the very end he hangs himself from a ladder.

The film itself is quite creepy and not always understandable to the average viewer. Nevertheless, if it was removed, then there should be at least some sense in it.

Let’s start with why the farmer liked the pig and fell in love with it unconditionally. Most likely, loneliness, from which even adequate people can go crazy, played a huge role in the revolution of his consciousness. The farmer had no one to even talk to, so he turned his attention to the pig, the most common animal on agricultural farms. She caused him a storm of emotions, which is why she became a victim of a rapist.

The meaning of the film Wedding Trough: idea, plot, disturbed problems.

Loneliness is scary. It is scary, especially when there is no one to turn to for help and say at least a word. Then incomprehensible things begin to happen in the head, and in particular, a person pays attention to animals not as friends and one of the ways to satisfy the need for food. Overflowing sexual energy can blow the roof off anyone if it is not sublimated into something more useful and safe for society – for example, some kind of activity. It is very difficult for a person to cope with himself, so he begins to look for ways to satisfy his needs. Sometimes this leads to abuse of children, animals. People who have suffered from such an unexpected upheaval of consciousness must be isolated from society and referred for consultation with a psychoanalyst. It is a professional who is able to pull the victim out of this state. Otherwise, the unforeseen may happen – such people are capable of much.

Also, if we consider the situation more broadly, we can say that each of us sometimes feels lonely. Yes, there may be a loved one, family, children nearby, but very often we are torn apart from the inside by an incomprehensible feeling. The feeling that we are alone in this world is not needed by anyone, no one understands us and does not accept us as we are. This is not true – every person has such thoughts, but they must be actively combated, if only because we are not really alone. Everyone has an inner “I”, and this is already worth a lot. There is that very valuable person around whom many other people gather, who is needed and interesting.

Perhaps this opinion will be erroneous, but, probably, this is not only a matter of loneliness. The film shows how cruel and unbalanced a person can be to rape a pig and then eat his own excrement. Human cruelty has no limits, but all the time one wonders how indifferent and strong this cruelty, no longer human, can be.

It is unlikely, but perhaps, love for his profession is described here. The farmer loved his job so much that he went crazy and mistook the pig for a beautiful girl, and then tried to bury himself with her. It has the right to exist, but, most likely, the meaning lies much deeper and it is inaccessible to the standard human mind. I need to think deeply, I analyze everything that is displayed in this film in order to understand why it was filmed at all.

Yes, the film feels gloomy and in some places it is clearly not for the faint of heart. However, it is impossible to immediately say whether it makes sense. Each person will understand it for himself, based on personal experience and beliefs. Someone will take it normally, but someone will want to turn it off after a few minutes of viewing because of scenes of cruelty and contempt. And someone will not understand at all and twist his finger at his temple. How many people – so many opinions, and each of them has the right to exist.

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