Watchmen Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Watchmen is an American superhero movie directed by Zack Snyder. And this is a certain sign of quality. The events of the tape unfold in an alternate reality. Actions take place in 1985. The former superhero defenders of the nation assume that a conspiracy is being plotted against them, which they must investigate. But the characters had no idea what their actions would lead to. Perhaps they will encounter something large and even sinister?

The meaning of the film Watchmen: the main idea & hidden meaning

Mankind is on the threshold of a cold war. Another reality. Characters with superpowers. The director of the film faced a difficult task. He needed to build an intriguing bewitching plot that would keep the audience in suspense until the very end. One of the main advantages of the film “Watchmen” is its eccentricity. The storyline develops non-linearly. It is difficult to predict what will happen in the next episode. Each superhero is endowed with special character traits. The characters have their own principles, which they do not refuse under any circumstances. The actors are fighting for justice. That is what they consider the main value.

In the movie “Watchmen” frankness borders on cruelty. The film causes a lot of controversy, after watching it, there are more questions than answers. Therefore, viewers have the opportunity to think, reflect, express their opinion regarding the storyline and the ending of the tape.

“Watchmen” is an alternative history in which there is a place for heroes with superpowers. Only the filmmakers do not give a clear answer whether these characters are really needed. Some actors can already safely be excluded from the ranks of the defenders of society. They are too fixated on their ideas and goals. Their heroic pathos just rolls over. The characters stick to their strong beliefs, not realizing that they no longer work. The actors are in constant search of the guilty. They are no longer responsible for their actions. Therefore, over time, from the category of defenders, they moved into a detachment of enemies. Characters do not obey the accepted laws. The conditions of existence required them to take off their masks.

Now they appeared before the audience in the images of defenseless, lost characters with a bunch of psychological problems. The characters in the film have lost faith in themselves. They no longer rely on their inner strengths and skills. The actors began to engage in self-digging, which greatly reduced their self-esteem. And now they are not superheroes, but ordinary people with their own problems, doubts and anxieties. Their everyday life is not happy at all. On the contrary, it brings them many disappointments and difficulties for which they were not ready. Now they have to adapt to the unusual conditions of existence for them.

Some critics believe Watchmen is the story of the end. The end of bright ideals that thrilled and fascinated. The end of unfulfilled hopes and plans that looked more like a utopia. Heroes cannot be divided into “good” and “bad”. Watchmen is not a story about good and evil. You can’t say that some characters were heroes and others were villains. There is no clear division in the film. Actors must begin to live by the new rules. It is important for them to try to abstract from all problems and difficulties.

The world presented on the screen cannot be called real. This is a dystopia. The filmmakers showed it with a share of satire. Viewers can also notice the bitter irony. Complexes, fears, thoughts that do not allow you to sleep peacefully. Everything fades, fades into the background. Ordinary people no longer believe in the abilities of superheroes. They are sure that they need to be sent to retire, they are no longer needed. There are more negatives associated with superheroes than positives. It is necessary to move to a new stage.

After watching the movie “Watchmen” there are twofold feelings. What should save humanity when the really hard times come? Do you need to rely on the help of superheroes, or will everyone be on their own? Is it worth relying on a higher power? The meaning of the movie “Watchmen” is that everyone’s life directly depends on him. Viewers on their screens see characters having long conversations. They want to share what they care about. The dramatic experiences of the characters, their doubts and torments cause bewilderment on the faces of the audience.

Why do superheroes become hostages of their views and preferences? Characters walk on a thin line separating their just world from cruel reality. It doesn’t matter how viewers feel about comics and superpowered characters. Watchmen is like a work of art in itself. Even superheroes need help sometimes. Even they sometimes do not know how to act in difficult situations, and heavy memories of the past do not allow them to live in peace. Characters are capable of reckless acts. But at the end of the film, it is impossible to say for sure that good has conquered evil. Maybe this confrontation is not over yet? The film “Watchmen” will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

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