The Virtuoso Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film The Virtuoso (2021) is about a hitman who has a very strange boss. One day, he gives him the task of killing a victim in a public place. It doesn’t tell him exactly who. The good news is that an actor like Anthony Hopkins starred in this film.

He was known for playing Hannibal Lecter and other villains. The highly sinister role of the cannibal doctor made him very popular. There was a whole movie series about a maniac doctor who attacked people and ate them.

At the same time, other actors and characters played the roles of the main maniacs. In The Mask of Zorro, Hopkins is already a villain. Here he is the teacher of the protagonist, played by Antonio Banderas. So it is clear that the actor is very versatile. He can play both positive and negative characters. A good role is the next role of the villain in the movie series Red. What unites all these heroes is that Hopkins, regardless of the type of his character, often plays supporting roles. Remember, for all his charm, Dr. Lector was a supporting character. The main role was played by other maniacs.

Also in the film “The Mask of Zorro” Hopkins played a minor role. There, he was the elderly Zorro, who trained the young Zorro to be a hero and fight the invaders. Thus, this is the role of Anthony Hopkins. Being a non-main character. But he plays so well that the audience goes to the theater just for the Hopkins characters. He had films of a different plan. But the series about Zorro and Hannibal Lecter are the most.

Relatively recently, already in the 21st century, the action movie “Red” was released, where Anthony Hopkins also played. In it, he showed off his stunning signature maniac look. Known to the viewer since the time of Hannibal Lecter. And now the film The Virtuoso is coming out with this interesting actor.

According to the plot, it takes place in a quiet, calm city. In which, meanwhile, the killer is operating. One day the time comes when you have to leave, find peace. The killer decides to quit. But his boss is not going to let go of his faithful servant. The killer must repay his debt to him. The boss gives him a difficult task. He doesn’t tell him exactly who needs to be eliminated. In a bar where you need to do business, the killer must be and wait.

He was told only the time of the arrival of his victim. Who exactly it will be, he does not know. But things don’t go according to plan. Exactly at a certain time, not one person enters there, but as many as three. And they are all men. It is not known exactly who should be removed. The killer must use all his arsenal and skills to find out who it is. If he makes a mistake, it will be a disaster. The stakes are very high. But how to calculate your victim among the three who again came to the bar.

A rather tense film about how to behave in an extreme situation, especially since we are talking about a decision that can turn everything around. After all, two are innocent people. And only the third is to blame. But who is it? You need to calculate every little thing, look for any clue in order to figure out the killer. The decision must be made.

Who will still become a victim of a killer? Before us is a classic film – a mystery about who exactly the victim is. An interesting presentation of the classic riddle, which Agatha Christie still had. Only it was the other way around. There was a question: who is the killer? But this is real meanness when you approach a person who is reading a thick volume with a detective story and say: the killer is the butler. Or someone else.

A book with such a plot can then be thrown away. This can be done with an enemy or someone you don’t like. Say the name of the killer and that’s it, there’s no point in reading a detective story. And so the whole plot is in suspense, until the denouement. Who could it be? Who ? A real classic of the book, and then the cinematic genre. Look for the answer in the details. You can still bet on finding the killer before the end of the movie. What if we swap them?

Maybe not future victims are looking for a killer among them, but the killer is looking for a victim among three people? Or maybe she’s not among them. Maybe someone else came. There can be no mistake. Find it no matter what. Search.

A film with such a plot should keep you in suspense until the very end.

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