Stoker Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The Meaning Of The Film Stoker: What Is The Picture About & What Are The Features Of The Plot. An unusual look at the gift and destiny of a person makes the artistic small-format film Stoker especially interesting. And although only a select circle of people can decipher the author’s message, it’s worth watching if only because of the excellent acting of the actors.

What is the picture Stoker about

A seemingly standard thriller Stoker with new colors and nuances thanks to acting skills and the deep philosophical meaning of the picture. The American screenwriter managed to convey to the viewer his own view and prompt thoughts, while the instantly recognizable Nicole Kidman and the gothic-delightful Miya Wasikowska provide constant attention behind the action and an aesthetic component for gourmets.

The plot is based on a description of the life of the family after the death of its head. Tired of life and regular doses of alcohol, the fading beauty Nicole Kidman is trying to make up for the inevitable disappearance of youth, reacting to a pretty psychopathic murderer who appeared in her environment. Occasionally erupting maternal feelings, slight bitchiness, extraordinary antics of a lady accustomed to living in luxury and contentment perfectly beat the image of the heroine.

However, the most attention is paid to her daughter, played by the unrivaled Miya Wasikowska. And the appearance on the horizon of Matthew Goode with a characteristic British charm brings the necessary note of activity into the stagnant atmosphere, giving the picture a dynamism. The hero of Hood is very characteristic, without crossing the line of ethics of a bloodthirsty murderer and maniac, he may well pass for a decent and even exemplary citizen.

The further development of events allows us to understand the peculiarities of the purpose of each character in the film, but the greatest attention is paid to Kidman’s daughter, the heroine Wasikovsky.

Storyline development

So, a new and somewhat dangerous character appeared in the family, whose main purpose is to kill. And to be near such a person is not only not comfortable, but also really dangerous! The only way out for the hero is to find a soul mate who will fully accept him for who he is. Loving, cheerful and cheerful, the hero of Good is like a crocodile or a lion that lives in a family: misfortune and misfortune can happen at any moment.

The heroine Wasikovsky becomes the very dear and close heart that the young maniac is so eager to find. The dialogue that takes place about halfway through the movie is interesting. To Good’s offer to become his friend, the young girl replies very subtly that they do not have to be friends at all, since they are not a priori relatives.

Indeed, understanding occurs at the level of souls. However, accepting each other at first glance and not too far away may seem erotic. With a more detailed analysis of the situation, it becomes clear that in the connection between the uncle and the young niece, there is no room for base feelings. A vicious interest probably takes place in the uncle’s attitude towards the heroine Wasikovsky, but he does not frighten her at all. On the contrary: from an extremely closed girl, she turns into a girl filled with energy, cheerful, incredibly beautiful, who finally realizes her destiny given to her from above.

The main idea of ​​the film

Stoker reveals a deep meaning about the purpose of each person. The screenwriter is trying, and very successfully, to reveal the theme of talent, the gift that is given to each of us from above. The following thoughts arise after viewing the picture:

finding one’s destiny is the most important goal of a person, and one who has found his destiny becomes much more happy and fulfilled; geniuses who have found themselves in life are distinguished by their ability to enjoy life and even its temporary hardships. Only dullness and mediocrity whine, finding more and more reasons for their own depression; The feeling of being chosen is experienced differently by everyone. And it is important, along with such awareness, not to be afraid, but to learn to enjoy life to an even greater extent!

The excellent play of the most talented actors, the thoughtfulness of every detail of the script and thoughts that take the viewer’s breath away – this is the result of watching the picture Stoker. Thinking about such things, the viewer will be able to reconsider his own life and the consequences of the steps taken, to realize himself and his guidelines and goals in a new way.

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